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How to Create The Best Workday Automation Strategy?

How to Create The Best Workday Automation Strategy?

automation strategy: Starting with the initial implementation, workday implementation requires extensive testing. Whether the testing is done entirely manually or with the help of automation, a good plan is essential to its success. So, to assist you, here are six of the best testing tips for workday automation.

Decide Who Will Oversee What

It may seem self-evident, but everyone in your testing teams must understand their roles and responsibilities. It’s not only a matter of laying it out; it also must be explained clearly. Even the most well-functioning team might have tasks slide between the cracks if owners aren’t properly assigned.

Define Success For Yourself

If you don’t know what success looks like, it’s tough to evaluate how well your testing event is working. What kind of outcomes are you looking for? Your team must be able to present a metric for success that is objective. This might entail categorizing and counting the various sorts of problems discovered throughout your testing. You may determine, for example, that acceptance criteria will be fulfilled if there are no “critical” faults, up to five “major,” up to ten “minor,” and so on. You’ll also need to agree on and define what each category represents if you use this strategy. A “critical” flaw, for example, might indicate that a mission-critical component of the solution is broken.

Plan Ahead Of Time

It seems sensible to incorporate the test team as early in the workday installation process with software testing solutions, preferably during the design stage. As a result, the test team has an early grasp of the business’s requirements and specialized needs, allowing it to begin preparing its testing strategy appropriately.

Keep Track Of Your Progress And Report On It Regularly

Any company that transitions to Workday will have to make a considerable investment. Key stakeholders would want to know that everything is running well. Reporting is critical, but so is understanding your audience and ensuring that the amount of material in the reports is suitable. A report that contains much too much information for key stakeholders.

Make Important Documents Simple to Find

From the initial architecture phase, a number of essential papers and references pertinent to the implementation design, as well as the testing strategy and test plan, would often emerge. Everyone involved in the testing process should be aware of its existence, purpose, and how to gain access to it. An internal Wiki, for example, may be a great way to store everything in one place and easy to discover.

Track the Problems 

Ascertain that everyone involved is aware of what should occur if a mistake is identified. If there isn’t this level of clarity, things may become chaotic. In the best-case scenario, testing will take longer than it should since you will have to retest issues that were not properly reported. In the worst-case scenario, errors will go unchecked and wind up in production, causing delays and problems for the rest of the business.


These are just a few of the steps where Workday testing procedures might be improved with the help of proper strategies. When looking for the best solutions, Opkey can help you out with automation systems. The workday automation from Opkey offers 100% client-oriented results with a proper focus.


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