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How Is ServiceNow Enhancing Customer Service To Deliver Empathy?

How Is ServiceNow Enhancing Customer Service To Deliver Empathy?

Deliver Empathy: When a customer support employee answers the phone, there’s generally an anxious or irritated customer on the other end. There are also concerns that the customer may face continued issues during the resolution. What matters most is how the customer support agent reacts to these things. Offering exceptional customer service is no longer just a ‘good to have’ badge. It is increasingly becoming the primary differentiator between business success and failure. As a result, assistance from an expert software development services company can be a blessing.

Imagine that you have been awaiting assistance from customer support. There are two types of customer support you can run into:

  1. Those who advise you that there’s nothing you can do but wait. You are left feeling powerless, furious, and frustrated.
  2. Those who apologise for the mix-up and assure you that they understand your aggravation. Here, the executives offer ideas on methods to handle the matter and stay engaged with you until you discover a solution.

It’s a no-brainer that the second type of customer support is more appropriate. It’s the vital moment that may make or break any customer engagement with a firm. When availing ServiceNow Services, solving the problem fast is the best remedy regardless of where it happens. However, until a solution is found, customers need empathy.

ServiceNow’s strategy to enhance customer service empathy

Empathy is essential in providing excellent customer service. It is the primary tool of a software development services company. Let’s take a look at some ServiceNow Services techniques for empathising with a consumer:

  1. Acknowledging The Customer’s Concerns

Support agents at ServiceNow Services use empathic language and phrases like “I understand how you feel” to clarify the consumers’ worries and concerns. This conveys that we understand the customer’s problem and are on the same page. They also include the word “I” in their empathy statement to show that they are part of the process. It further demonstrates their eagerness to identify the consumers’ problems.

ServiceNow Services uses customer service software to handle client complaints efficiently. For example, before connecting with a live employee, several customer support apps allow customers to SMS their issues. In addition, it enables customer care representatives to understand the caller’s difficulties better before they speak, giving them time to prepare.

  1. Actively Listening To Customers

ServiceNow Services agents allow customers to speak and actively listen to what they say. They don’t make hasty judgments or propose a remedy until customers have finished explaining the situation. Moreover, support agents must allow customers to finish speaking before responding with the exact words they used. Customers may wish to express their dissatisfaction at times. When we hear customer complaints, we consider half the problem resolved.

  1. Looking At Things From The Customer’s Perspective

It’s important to understand that if the consumer appears to be overreacting to something, it is not personal–they are either having a horrible day, their job is at stake, or perhaps they’re dealing with a personal crisis. An expert software development services company always works with an assumption that the interaction should improve the customer’s day. Practice actively offering second opportunities.

  1. Overcoming Biases

There are occasions when you believe the customer is unreasonable. Your service may not solve the customer’s problem, but they may have come to expect it. In such circumstances, ask them what they believe is the best approach.

  1. Using Positive Language

An experienced software development services company always adheres to the use of positive language. It’s easy to lose track of good manners when a conversation is going badly and has been going on for a long time. Remember not to put them down while sticking up for yourself. One can always expect that some things will be lost in translation when speaking with someone from a different culture or nation. So, be extra cautious and as transparent as possible in certain instances.

  1. Trying To Create A Genuine Connection

Customers become more accessible once they shift from being on the offence to offering helpful information. ServiceNow Services always attempts to establish a relationship with customers. When consumers discover that they have more in common with customer service, they develop trust and understand each other better.

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