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How Do You Turn Your Passion Into Your Purpose With Block Chain?

How Do You Turn Your Passion Into Your Purpose With Block Chain?

Block Chain: So you have a passion for Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies. The Fintech sector and payments landscape fascinates you. You are also an IT professional looking for a career beyond developing cutting-edge technology. Or perhaps you are a business analyst, consultant, project manager, or technology expert who has heard of this technology set to revolutionize the industry: blockchain.

What is blockchain? It is a decentralized framework that makes highly secure and reliable transactions and stores records in a distributed ledger. It first came to light as the underpinning technology of Bitcoin and other cryptos. Over the past few years, it has found applications in many industries and use cases.

The rapid rise in global cryptocurrency users, the entry of institutional capital, and supply chains have resulted in the rapid growth of businesses and crypto-enabled platforms forming the backbone of the Blockchain infrastructure. It has given rise to many career opportunities that match your domain knowledge, interests, and skills.

If you are mapping your next career move and considering a senior role in Blockchain technology, begin exploring the topic with a Blockchain basics course. Once you gain a basic understanding, you can move on to an online Blockchain free course or take paid certifications to accelerate your career in the Blockchain industry.

What’s more, you can have your pick of countless career opportunities, be at the forefront of business transformation through technology implementation, and prepare your company for cybersecurity and sustainability.

Reasons Why Studying Blockchain Should Be Your Next Career Move

With the crypto workforce predicted to reach over $68 billion by 2030, organizations at the threshold of business transformation are looking to implement Blockchain technologies across myriad applications. Blockchain technology is broadly scalable and has achieved mainstream adoption. Listed below are the reasons why you should consider turning your passion for crypto and technology into your purpose:

Growth In Job Prospects

Blockchain expertise is one of the fastest-growing skills in the latest skills index and has enormous potential in the job market with industry-wide adoption and application scenarios. While the employment opportunities are unlimited, the talent pool is limited, creating a gap between demand and supply.

Blockchain Skills Position You At The Forefront Of Change

With knowledge of blockchain technology, you are in high demand in businesses at the frontiers of transformation and change. The skillsets help you move ahead into senior roles within a short learning curve.

The Technology Is Set To Improve Business Operations And Security Across Industries

Blockchain is already creating industry-wide interest in its benefits of a secure, permanent, immutable, and unalterable database, especially in sectors that prioritize security in records and transactions. Banking and finance, healthcare, supply chain, and government are some sectors adopting Blockchain. As the ledger facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network, more and more organizations and government departments are adopting the technology

It Is A Universal Infrastructure

Blockchain is a global network, and the infrastructure can store or transfer data globally, being location independent. It seamlessly integrates with existing IT, thus making global implementation more viable. Offers You Many Career Options

Blockchain skills are transferable. You can expand your existing IT or other skill sets with a specialization in Blockchain for a wide choice of career options: Core Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Software Developer, Blockchain UI Designer, Blockchain Engineer, Legal Consultant, Blockchain Consultant, Blockchain Project Manager, Tech Architect, Blockchain Security Engineer, Blockchain Quality Engineer, Crypto Community Manager, Blockchain Data Scientist, and more.

Blockchain Prospects In India

Enterprise application of Blockchain has emerged as the go-to technology for large business and government agencies looking to transform their business models. Blockchain has enormous potential for business contracts, validation of source of origin/quality, land records, asset allocation, and B2B transactions. It changes how you store, validate and use data to record or transact, thus blowing the whistle on land use scams, commission rates, booking fees, etc., that third-party intermediaries get away with. In its early format, Blockchain was used for the development and management of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple). It was only recently that its enormous potential has opened up pan-industry applications.

A Blockchain professional in India can earn between Rs 5 to 20 lakhs per annum depending upon various parameters like skills, qualification, job experience, domain knowledge, and the industry. Recruiters are hiring in new-age domains like AI, ML, Robotics, Cloud Solutions, and Big Data.

According to Glassdoor, some of the highest paid job roles in Blockchain: Blockchain Developer (starting at Rs 8 lakhs with potential to move up steeply), Blockchain Security Engineer (Rs 81 lakhs), Blockchain Architect (Rs 8 lakhs), Blockchain Product Manager (Rs 7.2 lakhs), Blockchain Quality Engineer (Rs 5.9 lakhs), Blockchain UX Designer (Rs 7.9 lakhs).

Blockchain hirers are Infosys, HCL, TCS, Capgemini, Wipro, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, EY, Amazon, KPMG, Oracle, Dell, Accenture, Cisco Systems, IBM, and more.

Top Career Options in Blockchain

Blockchain skills top up your existing degrees and knowledge to integrate within your existing career paths, whether in IT, marketing, record-keeping, Finance, or Law.

The following are the broad career options in Blockchain:

Careers In Software Development Of Cryptocurrencies

Software Development is an in-demand career in the cryptocurrency landscape. Such jobs are in high demand with well-paying positions.

 Marketing Job Roles In Crypto

Cryptocurrency marketers engage with the worldwide crypto community and are active on social platforms. They are responsible for the successful implementation of ICO roll-outs and social sentiments.

Web Development/Design of Cryptocurrencies

With the rapid growth in crypto businesses, new websites and apps create a huge space in the job market with job roles in web development and design.

Whatever your mojo, you can turn your passion for crypto, software development, web design, or disruptive tech to re-purpose your career path. You can become a Blockchain professional in the Crypto industry, Finance, Government Consultancy, Project Management, Legal Consultant with Blockchain specialization, etc.

How To Pursue A Career In Blockchain

Building a career in Blockchain can turn your interest in coding into a highly lucrative career. However, as the technology is new, there is a lack of skilled personnel to develop solutions, architect, and undertake other job roles.

✔ Learn the fundamentals

✔ Master the terminologies

✔ Gain knowledge of decentralized and distributed ledgers

✔ Understand the working of different Blockchain platforms

✔ Develop cross-discipline skills

✔ Gain expertise in technologies

✔ Learn about enterprise business processes

✔ Understand Blockchain architecture patterns and standards

✔ Learn various development tools

✔ Take a certification

✔ Join a Blockchain community


There are various career opportunities available in the crypto industry and the Blockchain ecosystem. The future is decentralization and priority to security. Check out the online courses on Blockchain now or install Simplilearn free course app and move on to the campus later to carve a niche in the Blockchain industry.

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