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How Can I Learn to Trade Bitcoin?

How Can I Learn to Trade Bitcoin?

Individuals who trade bitcoin can easily determine various movements in the cryptocurrency’s price. Normally, this has consisted of purchasing bitcoin via an exchange and hoping that the price will increase over time. However, traders are now using derivatives to determine the rising and falling of prices in order to get the most out of bitcoin.

There are certain steps you can take if you are interested in learning how to trade bitcoin.

Determine What Moves the Price of Bitcoin

If you are interested in engaging in an opportunity full of overflow, you need to understand certain factors that can determine the current price of bitcoin.

  • Integration- The public profile of bitcoin depends on its integration into banking frameworks and new payment systems. If it is done correctly, the demand may increase which results in a positive impact on the price of bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin supply– Currently the bitcoin supply amount is capped at 21 million. However, by 2140, this amount is expected to be depleted. The price of bitcoin may rise if the demand increases in the future, only with a finite supply.
  • Negative press- Breaking news that pertains to the security of bitcoin, as well as its longevity and value, will have a negative impact on its overall market price.
  • Key events- Security breaches, change in regulation, and other things related to bitcoin can have an impact on the prices.

Choose a Strategy & Trading Style

There are various ways that you can trade including:

  • Day trading- Day trading means that you will open and close a position in a single trading day. No market exposure will be done overnight on your behalf.
  • Trend trading- Trend trading means that you will take a position that is equal to the current trend. For example, you would go long if the market is in a bullish trend and go short if the market is in a bearish trend.
  • Bitcoin hedging- Hedging bitcoin simply means that you will reduce your exposure to risk by taking a conflicting position to the one you have open already.
  • HODL- This is also known as buying and holding bitcoin. The only time you should purchase and hold bitcoin is if you have a positive outlook on the price long-term.

Place Stops & Limits

Stops and limits and important tools to use for risk management. There are several ones you can choose from when trading including:

  • Normal stops- This will cause your position to close out at a set level but if the market price changes rapidly, they can become liable to slippage.
  • Trailing Stops- This allows you to follow market movements that look promising to lock in your profile all while capping your downside risk. Additionally, these can also become victims of slippage.
  • Guaranteed Stops-This will cause your position to close out at a set level no matter if any slippage occurs. These are free to set, but you will have to pay a fee if your stop is triggered.

Close Out Your Position

If you are ready to cash out a profit or cut a loss that has reached an uncomfortable level, you will be allowed to close out your position at any time you’d like. You will then be paid directly for any profits right into your trading account. However, your losses will be deducted from your account balance.

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