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How are QR codes used in Flipped Learning?

How are QR codes used in Flipped Learning?

As our education industry goes along with modernization, the use of technologies is now commonly observed in most classes which significantly affects our learning process. Technologies yield great learning experiences for both students and teachers.

In the present day, traditional learning is rarely practice. Educators adapted to flipped learning since nowadays, students and educators already have smartphones or laptops and easy internet access.

Well, innovation does not end there, provide your students with a new and creative approach to learning by integrating QR codes.

Concept of Flipped Learning

Flipped learning is an educational method focused on self-learning by letting the students’ study lessons at their paces. It would not be hard to implement this mode of learning as most of the learning materials are available on the internet. In this method, students would go through the learning materials on their own and apply what they’ve learned in the face-to-face setting together with their fellow students and instructor.

While most content in this mode of learning is accessible online and in recorded lectures, the use of QR codes would be extremely beneficial in providing fast access to multiple online learning materials and courses.

With the availability of a QR code generator online, having a flipped learning environment with QR codes is just one creation away.

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5 Interesting Ways to Use QR codes in Flipped Learning

Teaching requires passion and dedication as it can be stressful sometimes. However, you can still lighten your workloads and remain an effective educator by applying QR codes in your learning materials. Here’s the list of 5 interesting ways to use QR codes in flipped learning:

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Generate QR codes for your Google forms

The use of Google forms enables the creative side of teachers and educators in terms of automating their paper works. Google form is a tool used to make lesson plans, auto-graded quizzes, assessment forms of learners, and other possible usages of this tool.

Make the distribution of your Google forms learning materials more convenient and quicker by embedding these Google forms into a QR code. By just scanning the QR codes, you can immediately redirect your students to your Google forms materials. Students will no longer manually type the link to access these forms.

Make QR codes of your PDF learning materials

If you are using flipped learning as your mode of teaching, you will need more reading materials to support students learning on their own. Having these materials in PDF files is an excellent idea since PDF files are mobile-friendly and do not lose their formats. The use of a PDF QR code can simplify the process of sharing these files with students.

Create QR codes for your video files

Learning can be more interesting when you incorporate demonstrative videos that would certainly help students understand a concept better. You can make use of some educational and inspirational available on YouTube or other platforms.

To create QR codes for videos, you will need assistance from an effective QR code generator online. Simply copy and paste the link in the URL feature or upload a video on the file feature. Once you have the QR codes ready, deploy them in your learning materials.

QR codes for Spotify Podcasts

Some Spotify Podcasts discuss history, current events, science facts, and other concepts that deemed useful to aid student’s self-learning. With QR codes these Podcasts are now made available to students by just pointing to the camera of their smartphones.

URL QR codes for useful sites and blogs

Giving your students a new way to access directly sites and blogs as additional reading materials through QR codes is a superb idea. The use of QR codes attracts students thus increasing their interest to scan the QR code and read its content.

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Using flipped learning method promotes active learning during class time as students were able to view the lecture materials and presentations at home or outside class. Students become more involved in the class discussion thus improve their understanding of a certain concept.

Integrating QR codes in this mode of learning is a smart and excellent means of distributing useful materials to students since QR codes can speed up the distribution process. And to make more visually appealing for them flipped learning teachers can integrate the use of a QR code generator with logo to create customized QR codes to house topical learning materials.

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