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Hiring a manager – 4 Questions to make an Interview

Hiring a manager – 4 Questions to make an Interview

When you hire a manager, it’s easy to see how technically competent the person is in their field. You can find out if the candidate for the position of head of production knows the technical processes and how much the future head of sales is aware of how salespeople should work. This is important so that you do not control the work process in the future and spend time on more important things, for example, promoting the company’s account on social networks. This will allow you to buy Instagram likes less often and use other types of help.

Question No 1. What were the results at the last place of work?

First of all, find out what the candidate achieved at the last place of work, what product he created. The answer should be in the category of results, and specifically: When I became the head of the shop, I ensured that the products were of excellent quality and were produced on time, all thanks to well-coordinated work.”

It is not very good if the candidate begins to speak general phrases about how he organized everything. This is an indicator that a person does not think in terms of results. You will have to constantly monitor such an employee and devote less time to other cases and other departments. Because of this, you may miss something important, such as brand awareness in social networks. In this case, you will have to buy likes on Instagram and on other platforms.

Question No 2. How did the terms of reference change?

If a person is really capable, hardworking and showing good results, then the scope of his duties is constantly expanding, so ask the candidate about it. It’s great if he started with an ordinary employee, and then took on more and more responsibility and grew in the company.

If a person who has worked for several months or even years has not changed his responsibilities and has not been involved in new projects, pay attention to this. A good leader has a growing range of responsibilities and projects.

Question No 3. What exactly did you do to get the result?

This question must be asked because the leader achieves results not with his own hands, but through his subordinates. A good candidate knows the manager’s tools and will answer that he distributed duties, created instructions and regulations, sought work planning from subordinates, held meetings, and aimed.

Question No 4. How exactly did you do it?

This is a follow up question to the previous one. Understanding the details is really important, it will help you protect yourself from theoretical leaders who have read management books and know only remotely about the tools.

So when you hear about a candidate holding meetings, ask how. Ask for a summary of the standard minutes of his weekly meeting with subordinates. Or find out what he did to get them to meet deadlines. Go deeper to determine if the candidate has leadership tools or can only list them.

People are always interested in what is important to them. By asking these questions, you can see what the person is focused on: showing their own expertise or working with people. This will allow you to better understand the candidate and make the right decision.

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