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Healthcare Industry: How to Improve Security And Workflow?

Healthcare Industry: How to Improve Security And Workflow?

Timely communication is crucial in the healthcare industry because patients rely on providers’ efficiency. Establishing security protocols and a streamlined workflow model ensures healthcare providers always offer the highest level of care and treatment. In addition, modern offices are eliminating inefficient manual processes to adopt technology that handles workflows more quickly and accurately. Discover how to improve security and workflow in the healthcare industry to improve operations and care.

Eliminate Resistance

One of the most significant challenges to improving workflow and security is onboarding everyone on your team. Often, employees are resistant to new technology and ways to perform the same work optimally, such as using your printer to fax rather than a fax machine. Scheduling meetings and training sessions are critical to ensuring everyone understands how to handle security protocols and improve workflows. Additionally, research the available options and take advantage of free trials to find the right solution for your healthcare facility. 

Keep Best Practices in Mind

Handling electronic health records (EHR) requires attention to detail and keeping best practices in mind. With HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) rules to protect every patient’s privacy, healthcare facilities must handle sensitive information according to protocol. When establishing new workflows, always remember security and privacy to avoid communication problems and eliminate the possibility of breaking laws. In addition, by putting best practices at the forefront, healthcare providers protect themselves and their patients against inefficiency-related problems.

Stop the Paper Chase

The best way to improve workflows and boost security is to eliminate the paper chase associated with tedious manual processes that lead to inefficient communication. Today, many healthcare organizations are working in cloud systems to improve efficiency and support collaboration from any location and device. Now, healthcare professionals gain instant access to patient records and files without sorting through endless cabinets and file folders during an emergency, enabling them to provide faster and better patient care. Plus, vital patient records are accessible from any location or device in minutes rather than waiting for transmittals or snail mail to arrive. 

Harness the Power of Technology

Eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual processes means embracing and harnessing the power of technology, such as sending faxes from office applications. The first step is researching the available systems to determine which fits best into your workflows, budget, and organizational approach. Then work with a partner who helps integrate the system into your current workflows and provides ongoing training to maximize this essential investment. The right system should instantly improve efficiency and empower team members to provide the highest service levels.

Get Rid of the Fax Machine

Consider the time and effort involved with using a fax machine and the security concerns that arise. For example, personnel must receive, print, separate, scan, and share faxes. Instead, send faxes directly from office applications to avoid wasted time, money, and effort. Additionally, sending faxes from a printer or other office application reduces errors because pages cannot get mixed up between transmittals.

Improving workflow and security starts with eliminating manual processes and learning how to implement the right technologies. An efficient workflow eliminates unnecessary steps and tasks associated with paper processes. Additionally, cloud transmittals are faster and more accurate to support the highest level of patient care and treatment.

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