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A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Beautiful Business Thank You Cards

It’s just two words but they carry so much weight and value. We are taught their importance from a very young age. The words are ‘Thank you.’

Did you know the origin of the word conveys the idea of ‘to think’? It tells the recipient we’re thinking about them and appreciate them. Business thank you cards are an excellent way to connect on a personal level and show customers and clients they’re valued.

In this article, you’ll read a step-by-step guide for creating beautiful thank you cards. As you read, you’ll see the difference between a token thank you and one that has real meaning.

The Real Deal

Electronic cards have their place. They still offer a sentiment but the challenge is that the recipient is bombarded by numerous other electronic communications. Your thank you card can get lost in the daily noise of emails and social updates.

Far more effective is a real thank you letter that they can touch and feel. This offers a more sensory experience. A traditional approach like this will tell your clients that you took the time and trouble to show your appreciation.

Time to Say Thank you

Timing is important. For your business thank you letter to have the greatest impact, they need to receive it not long after the event it’s associated with. This comes back to showing your clients how thoughtful you are and that you’re interested in a mutually beneficial relationship over the long term; not just a quick gain.

Your feedback and review processes are likely electronic, and they will be more likely to give you a glowing review. Another good time to send a thank you card is completely out of the blue. The surprise will add to their appreciation.

Personal Is Powerful

It is very rare to get handwritten messages these days. There seems to be no need as we use electronic devices so much. Or, it’s easy enough to print something out and send a hard copy.

However, to take the time and write a message, that’s something that will stand out to your client. It is more personal because they see something about you in the style of your handwriting. These types of messages are psychologically associated with those closest to us.

Well Structured and Professional

You need to structure the content of thank you cards for customers so that it’s not too informal but has a warm tone and gesture. Use a polite address such as ‘Dear’ or ‘Hi.’ Be specific as to what you’re thanking them for. Include a personal detail such as wishing them the best with a certain project, business trip, or family holiday, etc.

For a company thank you card you can add a company logo but don’t be too promotional about the business. If you don’t have a logo, try using a company logo maker to make your card look professional.

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Send Business Thank You Cards

In this article, you’ve read about how to create beautiful business thank you cards. A physical card, handwritten and sent at the right time are all essential ingredients. Think about what you’ll say carefully so that your sentiment has value and meaning to your client.

If you haven’t tried this yet, then it’s time to give it a go and see what a positive impact it has on your business relationships. Check out other great articles on our site with tips and tricks for business and life.

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