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Get Pagar Book App for Your Digital Dukaan

Get Pagar Book App for Your Digital Dukaan


When the pandemic shows no signs of abating, and online shopping is critical to both customers and shopkeepers, the pagar book app are convenient. They can provide digital business possibilities to millions of digital dukaan customers, pan India, helping them use their mobile phones to run their shops, list and create catalogues of products, do inventory management, pay salaries, mark attendance digitally and more.

Online Digital Dukaan Apps:

Want to open your digital dukaan in just under a minute? It’s easy with the Pagar Book app and other apps from Khatabook, Dukaan, OkCredit etc., all available on the Google Play Store. These apps are built to suit the small and MSME sector providing all-in-one apps that help businesses run better and more efficiently,  collect and pay digitally, create transparent records and bookkeeping, solve inventory and salary calculations, ensure attendance management etc., creating customer trust. Most importantly, they freely cater to millions of merchants across nearly all the sectors and don’t need a PC or technical expertise. It’s just a few clicks away and let’s learn the hows and whys of the apps.

How to set up your Online Digital Dukaan:

Starting up is easy. Just follow these steps.

  • Firstly, go to Google’s PlayStore and download the app. Google’s Playstore link for the Pagar Book app is
  • Next, install it and open the app.
  • Add your own business name and all your products and inventories.
  • You will receive a link for the most appropriate software in the form of a customized link. Share the link with your customers and publicize your online dukaan among your customers and WhatsApp groups.

What you gain with a Digital App:

Using a digital app helps you with these awesome features.

  • Most basic versions are absolutely free and have multi-user, multi-location and GPS tracking features.
  • 24X7 Customer Support in multi-languages pan India.
  • No QR Transaction fees.
  • You can use it across any browser, mobile phone or computer.
  • Automatic attendance and salary calculations, historical data backup, customer analysis tools and more.
  • Generate reminders, reports, storyboards etc., with no technical knowledge.
  • Track user count and page views to leverage your product catalogue, send customer reminders, accept digital payments, create QR codes, and more.

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What the App is about:

The apps have a SaaS (software as a service) platform using Python and Django React. Each of its many categories provides a unique solution catering to the specific small-shop needs and includes bookkeeping, inventory/ cash flow management, salary/payroll computations and even an attendance app.

Winding Up:

Here’s what the digital dukaan shop keeper gets in the Pagar Book app. The digital store operations manage all backend operations like order management, adding delivery charges, QR code generations etc., using a mobile phone! It has the GPS attendance app and worker management system with punch-out/in, biometric sensor/ selfie detectors, multi-location and multi-user capabilities. Get your pagar book app online today!

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