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Get In the Money with A Google AdWords Consultant

Get In the Money with A Google AdWords Consultant

Money with A Google AdWords Consultant: As increasing numbers of shoppers go online, getting your products to stand out on Google searches is important to business growth – even survival. When people look for the products you sell, if you are not appearing at the top of the search results, then it is likely your competitors will.

Google AdWords campaigns can change that. The trick is realizing the importance of them, and focusing your efforts on them. Most importantly of all, you need to use an expert AdWords management company to turn up the volume and get those clicks coming your way instead of to your competitors!

Why hire outside help?

AdWords consulting services are easy to find. No matter your budget, a good AdWords consultant can help you maximize your exposure on the world’s biggest search engine.

Equally as importantly, they have the time and focus to proactively manage your campaigns, and fine-tune them, as necessary. Even if you can skill yourself up on AdWords in record time, is it really realistic to research keywords, create landing pages and optimize Ads in the windows you have available?

Not only that, but the ongoing refinements that are needed as the campaign progress can chew up time too. Google Ads campaigns cannot simply be left to run, they need little tweaks here and there to keep them healthy.

What if our firm has a marketing team?

For these reasons, AdWords consultants can even add value where a company already has a marketing person or team. For that little bit extra investment or simply by redeploying some of your Ads budget, you can get some expert help for what a technical marketing channel is quite.

Many well-staffed marketing departments get great value from external AdWords consultation. These kinds of relationships function well when the agency does the grunt work and reports back on a regular basis to marketing management. By structuring your AdWords management in this way, more of a focus is on results and the quality of leads coming in. This gives a greater focus on the higher-level campaigns rather than needing to immerse internal resources in the finer details of campaign management.

Recruiting an AdWords consultant

Having made the bold decision to supercharge your AdWords campaign management, the next job on your list is to set about finding the best agency you can.

Establish a few criteria to start with. Carry out some searches to find AdWords consultants that know your industry, or at the very least appear to be comfortable with clients in a variety of different sectors.

Think about whether you want a larger agency that may charge top dollar, or a smaller firm eager to win new clients. There are some pros and cons to both types of organization, and some of your decision may come down to personal choice.

Either way, spend some time shortlisting some agencies and send them an outline of your budget and requirements. Explain to them that you have sent this to a few other agencies too, and give the timeframe in which you will make your decision.

When they reply, arrange a meeting or video conference with each candidate. Use the session to find out about their:

  1. Technical credentials
  2. Existing clients
  3. Willingness to understand your business and objectives
  4. Explain their scrum project management methodology for delivering successful campaigns
  5. Sharing and analyzing results, and whether they offer a regular review meeting
  6. Pricing and contractual terms

To make the process more objective, score each candidate on each area by a score of 1-5. If you interview five agencies, for example, this approach can help guide your thinking. You do not have to stick to who scores the most in your final decision, but it can give you some data if you are still unsure at the end of the process.

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What to expect

If you have not worked with an AdWords management agency before, you may not know what to expect. During the onboarding phase, try to negotiate a short-term trial period or break clause in your contract. This will ensure both parties are happy with the relationship, and you have the potential to go in another direction if you do not like what you see.

The best advice when working with an AdWords consultant is to be open about your budget and lead expectations. This will allow the agency to deliver and will give you a good benchmark to measure the campaign against. Above all, trust in your decision to get expert help on this important marketing channel, and be ready to qualify and convert the new leads you will be getting!

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