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Fuel Your Business Growth with Animated Video

Fuel Your Business Growth with Animated Video

Creating dynamic, fresh Animated video content is essential to standing out online in the social media age. Social media audiences increase daily and increasing numbers of potential buyers in every industry are using the platforms. If you are not producing video, you are missing out on potential customers that your competitors may be hoovering up.

Standing out for the right reasons when you make video is important too. With so much competition for attention on social media, you need to rise to the top. Getting your key messages across in the first six seconds of a video is important if you are to capture the viewer’s attention.

But how do you achieve this in such a small space of time?

What’s your plan?

Build a graphical representation of what your products offer to customers in a short, animated video format. You will be surprised how effective short form video can be. And even when you do not use actors or flashy locations, video can still do the most important thing: Show what your products can do.

The key message to get across in those crucial first few seconds is how your products help a customer overcome a challenge. Short, animated videos for social media should focus on the customer, not on your firm. You can make a more company-focused video later on that will validate your credibility when a customer comes to make their purchase decision. But for now, focus on what value you bring to your customers and how you help them.

How can video help you grow

Increasing numbers of people respond to rich media – i.e., video. They are much more likely to be drawn in by video content than they are the written word, simply because it is more eye catching. If you want to reach an audience from around the world, you can translate your video to any language you want using an online video translator. That way, you can make your video more accessible.

Video is an essential component of the modern marketing mix. It is better to make 3-4 short 2D videos so you can use them simultaneously and test the results. Check which ones perform best. You can also use social media marketing budget template to target them specifically for the buyers you are trying to connect with. For example, LinkedIn enables detailed profiling of job title, country and other targeting criteria so you reach only the people you want to reach.

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What type of video to make?

When you have decided to go ahead, the next decision is to choose what type of video to produce. 2D animated video is a great start. It is a quick and relatively cheap way to produce some content and make some noise on social media. You can also include a clear, catchy call to action at the end to encourage your buyer to take a step to buy now or find out more.

Another good thing about 2D animated videos is that you can produce a short series of videos without breaking the bank. Use a series of 3-4 short videos so you can keep showing your target buyers slightly different messages. This will not only help you to get your point across, but it will create the impression you have lots of different videos.

Where to start

Producing good video needs some time and expertise – even 2D video. To make your firm stand out, consider hiring an animation video company to help you. Recruiting a full-time video producer straight away is probably not wise or feasible. And trying to produce a DIY-style job is unlikely to yield the results you would like.

There are hundreds of options to choose from so run a search and shortlist a few options. Do some research to see which agency’s showreel you like, and what they have produced for their existing clients. Shortlist a few candidates that stand out to you. After all, this is the goal of video – to stand out.

Send your shortlisted candidates a brief outline of your requirements. This should include an overview of your firm, what you are looking to achieve, which type of buyer you are targeting, and which products. Also, give some idea of your budget and whether you will be looking for ongoing help to produce more videos.

Let the agencies come back to you with an outline of what they could offer and how they propose to bring your messages to life. Arrange a meeting or video call to see if you would be happy working with them. Ask them for their advice on how to make video convert into leads. You will need them to be the experts, so make sure you lean on them to be just that!

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