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Fixed: Video Size Too Large For Email

Fixed: Video Size Too Large For Email

Large For Email: Videos nearly can be used everywhere for both business and personal use. We share it on social media sites and store videos in our devices. Also, unnecessarily, sending videos by email is one of our needs.

Problems Of Sending Videos Via Email

Email, as a one-click tool, strengthens the interconnection between us for its convenience. However, it has some limitations towards sending files. Just like social media services like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, etc. email also puts limitation on the maximum size of files you can send over, including videos.

As the resolution gets rapidly increasing, there’s a big leap of video quality nowadays. Accordingly, video size becomes larger and larger in the meanwhile. Sometimes users unavoidably need to send large sized video to their clients or just friends, and the file size is really troublesome, because it may be out of the maximum limit. Even its size is within the accessible scope, the uploading bar seems never to approach the end—it’s too slow.

What Users Will Do For Sending Large Videos By Email?

Some of them may choose to just copy and paste the link of video to avoid the problem mentioned above. However, when we take another second to think about it: some videos do not have any links for easy and fast share, such as the video shot by yourself. In addition, some of you might say: Why not to zip the file and send it through email. Well, we have to know that zip file cannot be opened in email.

What Is The Right Solution?

To confront with the problem that large video file is hard to send by email, the best way is to compress it to a smaller size. Especially for HEVC users, for reducing video size, they urgently need a HEVC converter.A lot of users complain that some video compressor will output a poorer quality video and some of them even unwatchable at all after compression. Before we get right into the specific solution, there are some details of video compressor we’d better to know.

Based on the need to downsize video files for email, of course, should be on the first position. A well-performed video reducer is supposed to realize at least 50% off video size reduction, no matter it is for email or simply for storage.Video quality, what we mentioned just now, is also one of the key elements we should keep in mind. Visual experience is of much importance, so if a video compressor deliver a poorer one, it’s not what we are looking for. Next, compressionspeed matters, too. Too slow processing speed is unbearable for everyone.

Taking these factors into consideration, we can test different compressors with ease. Here WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is recommended because of its outstanding balance between video quality, file size and compression speed.

How To Compress Video For Email With Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe

This software can make video smaller up to 90% at a very fast speed. See the compression tutorial below, which cannot be easier:

Step 1: Click “+Video” button to import your over-size video. If you have more than one such videos in hand, batch compression is also available.

Step 2: To make the video smaller, first you should be clear about the video format and video codec of the uploaded video. To make it easy to understand, here we take H.264 for example, if your MP4 video, which is encoded with H.264, then you can choose a video format that’s compressed by a more advanced codec like H.265.

On this software, after the video is uploaded, a panel named “Output Profiles” will appear and you just need to scroll the list on the left and select “HEVCVideo” to reduce video size. (With it you can convert HEVC to MP4 as well.)

Step 3: After choosing a proper video format and codec, simply click the “RUN” button to start compressing the large video file size.

How To Compress Video For Email With Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe

Bonus Tips

WinX HD Vidoe Converter Deluxe is not just for video compression. Also, it focus on video format compression and provides a wide range of inputs and outputs, like MP4 to AVI, MKV to MP4 and many other.

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