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Everything You Need to Know About Stadium Advertising

Everything You Need to Know About Stadium Advertising

Stadium Advertising: Today’s sports venues are much more than a place to watch your favorite team. They are now multifunctional complexes that provide experiences beyond the game itself. Unfortunately, that also means there are a lot of rules and regulations regarding what you can and cannot do at these venues when it comes to your ad campaign.

Don’t give up hope! This doesn’t mean you are locked out from advertising your brand at the stadium. It just means you need to be smart about how you go about it. Here is everything you need to know about stadium advertising so that your next campaign hits home with sports fans and not just the front desk manager.

Stay Within The Regulations

While there is some leeway for creativity, you still need to stay within the regulations set by the stadium. This includes advertising size, location, and materials used in the campaign. If you don’t know what the regulations are, the best thing to do is reach out to the stadium and ask. When you contact them, make sure to include who you are, what you plan on advertising, and how long the campaign will last.

Types Of Advertising At Sports Venues

There are three main types of advertising you can do at sports venues. Each will cost you a different amount and have different restrictions. These include stadium signs, LED boards, and virtual reality.

  • Stadium Signs

These are the posters, signs, and other graphics you’ll see emblazoned on nearly every surface at a stadium. They are virtually limitless in scope and the most affordable option. You’ll see stadium signs in the form of banners on walls and stairwells, ads in the restroom, ads in halls and concourses, and even ads on cupholders. These are the least expensive options for stadium advertising.

  • LED Advertising

While stadium signage is inexpensive and effective, LED boards have a higher price tag but provide a much bigger impact. This is because LED boards are larger than signage and are usually placed above the seating area.

LED boards are great for brands looking for high-impact advertisements that are still short and sweet. They are great for displaying short clips or even full commercials. Because LED boards are larger than signage, you also have more flexibility with what you can display. You can also choose from a variety of colors and images to make your ad stand out.

  • Virtual Advertising

Virtual reality has gained a lot of popularity as a form of stadium advertising. With virtual reality (VR), advertisers can create an interactive experience that fans can participate in at the stadium. VR is great for sports brands because fans can experience what it is like to be on the field or court. This means they can not only associate your brand with the game but also with their favorite team.

Building Wraps

Building wraps are in a class all their own. These are larger-scale advertisements that wrap around the outside of a stadium or arena and can be seen by fans as they enter the complex. Building wraps are more expensive than stadium signage and LED boards because they are so big they can be seen from the street. Building wraps are perfect for brands that want a long-term presence to make a larger-than-life impression at a stadium.

Getting The Most From Your Stadium Ad

Whether you’re spending a little or a lot, you want to get the most bang for your advertising buck. With that in mind, think about these tips while you’re designing your ad:

  • Provide Value

A customer will quickly forget you if you don’t offer something of value in your advertisement, whether it’s thought-provoking or humorous

  • Don’t Mince Words

You only have a few seconds to make a first impression, so it needs to press their buttons right away

  • Connect Emotionally

You can capitalize on the high-energy environment of a stadium by tuning in to their emotions, such as family bonding during the game

  • Be Sure of Placement

Your ad should hit them at the right place and right time, so double-check that the timing or location of your ad will provide the most value

  • Use Your Branding

No matter whether they see your ad at the stadium, on the side of a bus, or on TV, be consistent with your branding so they know you when they see you

  • Use Social Media

Include your hashtag or other social media tags so they can connect with you on their device right then and there

Slam Dunk Your Ads

Sports venues are great places to advertise your brand. However, you need to make sure you follow the regulations and make sure your ad can be approved. With the right strategy and the right type of ad, you can reach a highly engaged and loyal fan base.

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