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ERP Write for us: When we wonder what an ERP is, we can refer to its acronym (Enterprise Resource Planning) and say ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning, but ERP means much more. ERP includes all systems and software packages that companies use to manage their day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management and production.

An ERP is software that links and determines many business processes and facilitates the flow of data between them. In other words, it gathers transactional data that is shared by a company’s various sources, eliminates data duplication, and provides data integrity with a “single trusted source”.

The ERP is a ready-made system with industrialization techniques, integrated and at the same time modular, the purpose of which is to work together with the information systems of organizations. The software consists of a wide range of standard modules that can adapt to the needs of each customer with major or minor restrictions.

It is a unique software system that meets people’s needs in finance and people in HR and the warehouse. As a rule, each of these departments has its own IT system optimized for the respective way of working in the area. But ERP combines them all in one program. The integrated software works with a single database, making it easier for different departments to exchange information and communicate.

This integrated approach can produce a huge return on investment if companies install ERP software correctly.

ERP defeats the old independent IT systems in finance, human resources, production and warehouse and replaces them with a single uniform software package divided into modules.

ERP write for us: The most fundamental advantage of ERP is that business process integration saves time and money. Management can make decisions faster and with fewer mistakes. The data is made visible throughout the company.

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