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Top 4 e-Commerce Website Design Tactics that Converts Visitors into Potential Customers

Top 4 e-Commerce Website Design Tactics that Converts Visitors into Potential Customers

In today’s quick-paced world, having a website plays a key role in one’s business survival. Nowadays, customers need every bit of information when they want it and have limitless possibilities as to where to seek it. And while owning an eCommerce website not replaces all facets of an organization but also possessing a website that is optimized and properly oriented to one’s small business achievements can be both profitable and essential when a brand becomes the go-to site for the target customers. From this post, one is going to learn about the top four e-commerce website design tactics that convert visitors into potential purchasers.

Provide the Website a Persona

An e-commerce website design plays a major role when it comes to a brand’s identity, and all any company would want is to convey the ethics and attributes of its products or services through the website. It is crucial to describe how one would ideally want potential customers to think about a website. Once the persona is decided for the website, one can cultivate key design decisions like the choice of layout, color scheme, and the type and the copy of visuals they will utilize. It does not need to be bold or flashy, but it needs to be real and true.

Enhance the Purchase Procedure

The experts say when it comes to the genuine purchase procedure, easy, direct, and without distractions is the path to go for boosting conversion. As an overall rule of thumb, there must not be more than two (minimal and straightforward designed) pages between the consumer pressing the ‘add to cart’ button and final checkout. The shopping cart icon should be visible at all times as it acts as a skeuomorph pacifier that positively likens the online purchase procedure to its more solid, authentic, physical counterpart. One should also forestall asking the potential buyers to register on the website before making a purchase. Gaining a customer’s personal information should not come at the cost of driving them away.

Design for Mobile Users

One should keep it in mind that a website is increasingly viewed on gadgets like mobiles and tablets and not on desktop devices like computers or laptops. This is why a mobile-first scheme for approaching the mobile experience can frequently drive up conversions and stickiness (a quality measurement of accretion and landing page performance. Google provides a useful tool to inspect if one’s website is mobile-friendly or not. A mobile-friendly website makes it easy to browse and view offers and products, a hassle-free checkout page that gives the delivery and payment choices right there in the shopping cart view page. If you’re using any of top eCommerce website builders, this will not be a problem at all as it fully enhanced this mobile-friendly feature.

Foresee What the Customer is Searching For

The potential customers know what they want to purchase and look around and browse accordingly. This helps to create a more effective design for search capabilities and navigation. If a single product or service is offered throughout the website, search functionality is often unneeded. If a website consists of a large number of products and services, then it is crucial to have a search function right on the landing page that is both visible and easy-to-use. The navigation system should also be easy-to-use and provides a sense of everything on offer to those customers who have a vague idea of what they are searching for or who only want to browse through the website and take their time. Devising a user-centric classification is key to both effective navigation and search on e-commerce websites.


The above web design strategies listed should be implemented by a brand, it will drive more qualified traffic, and it will convert visitors into potential customers for a successful e-commerce website. The structure and sales efforts should complement each other.

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