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Dropping important calls? 5 signs your phones aren’t cutting it for your business

Dropping important calls: Every business needs a phone system to operate efficiently. But how can you tell when it is time for an upgrade? The answer is not as simple as just checking the date on your current system. There are many signs that indicate it might be time to consider upgrading, and we will show you some of them in this blog post!

Your Phone System Doesn’t Support Important Features

There’s more to a phone system than just making and receiving calls. It has the potential to increase everyone’s productivity at work with features that come along with cloud telephony. These features include voicemail transcription, virtual receptionists, call forwarding, etc. If you can’t take an incoming call right away or don’t want it on your mobile device, these programs will be there at your rescue. All of this means higher productivity for everyone.

The decision to upgrade your phone system should be based on what you need. A VoIP-based teleconferencing solution is often cheaper and simpler than buying a new POTs system, so it’s worth considering before upgrading.

Your call volume has outpaced the Current Capability

If you’ve been getting many complaints from customers about the phone service, it might be time to check things out. You know the value of good customer service in this day and age. It’s hard enough keeping up with emails and social media posts without people complaining on Facebook that they can’t get through your call centerline.

Eventually, their calls keep on getting dropped, and these unhappy clients will stop buying from you. A study by customer service researchers found that companies only get back to an average of about 4% of customers who have had a bad experience. Project management schedule example is the listing of activities, deliverables, and milestones within a project.

You are Paying High and Unpredictable Bills

Your phone bill is unpredictable and high? It’s time for a change. Your current system looks like it might be on the way out, so upgrade to Voice over IP (VoIP), where you can save money in many ways! The cost of legacy systems will add up quickly with all that equipment, international calls included.

Besides, you can also switch to a cloud phone system that can save you up to 60% off your monthly bills. It enables you:

  • To use the broadband connection already in place and not spend money on expensive hardware or wiring.
  • Make free local and low-cost international calling rates, that too, with no long-distance fees.
  • Manage the phone system from an intuitive dashboard and let your VoIP provider handle all the technical stuff while saving time for yourself.
  • Add new locations with a minimal cost, too.

No doubt, the business phone system is a significant expense, and it can take up an incredible amount of your budget. For example, a landline costs around $50 per month, but you’ll know exactly how much each line will cost with VoIP phones.

Moreover, you will have one provider for all lines in your company which typically ranges from less than $25-$30/month for 3-5 lines at the most.

Your Phone is not Offering Security and Privacy to the Business

No matter if you’re a startup or an established enterprise, security remains the utmost matter of concern. In today’s digital world, where cyberattacks are commonplace, your phone system is critical in protecting your company from hackers.

These hackers want nothing more than access to valuable customer data like credit card numbers and social security information. This is something that any organization cannot afford. One way of increasing protection for yourself and your company’s assets is by using VoIP phone systems instead of traditional PSTN lines.

This means that any sensitive information doesn’t have to travel through an unsecured network as it would with POTS phones. Moreover, the service provider should be equipped with SBCs, which act like firewalls to protect call routing data.

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You are Experiencing Poor Call Quality and Reliability

The greatest way to look unprofessional in front of the customers is through an annoying call that drops or gets choppy. As you can imagine, dealing with poor audio quality will force you to repeat yourself. In addition, your caller can do so and deal with background noise – it’ll also run inefficient conference calls.

With HD voice codecs, you can enjoy high-quality calls on VoIP. Besides, with the compression and decompression of audio for rapid transmission over the internet, this technology works smoothly through VoIP phones. It also works well with softphone apps means of communication such as email or text messaging.

Bottom line

If your business is facing any of these problems, it might be time to think about getting a new wireless phone system. It will provide crystal-clear sound quality and fewer dropped calls than ever before, leading to an increase in the business revenue and a higher customer satisfaction rate.

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