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Does Your Email Marketing Strategy Include Client Retention Emails?

Does Your Email Marketing Strategy Include Client Retention Emails?

It is obvious that no business can flourish without continuously acquiring new clients, and most marketers are always looking out for ways to gain new clients and boost sales. But some of them do not give enough attention to retaining existing clients. If your marketing budget is unduly high and ROI is unsatisfactory, you may need to look if you are using email marketing to its full extent and if your email marketing strategy includes a focused approach on client retention. When you are strategizing your marketing efforts, you would like to keep in mind that it costs five times more to acquire a new client than retaining an existing one. Furthermore, existing clients are 50% more likely to try a new product and spend 31% more.

Emails are consistently proven to be the most cost-efficient marketing channel with an ROI of 4200% for decades and still going strong. These stats and facts must have been able to convince you to relook your strategy and take full advantage of using automated workflows to keep your existing customer base hooked. So, let’s explore client retention strategies using email marketing in detail:

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#1 Client Activity-Based Segmentation To Set Retention Priorities

Segmentation is undoubtedly one of the most used approaches to email marketing but when setting up the workflows, be sure to include retention as a campaign goal. Client activity-based segmentation is one of the best ways to boost retention as your ESP will reconfigure your efforts preemptively. Dynamic segmentation works like a wonder in this case as you can ensure that the customers get the most relevant messages and your email campaign strategy evolves with their preferences. You can categorize them based on their activity into categories like very frequent buyers, frequent buyers, referral givers, semi-active, passive, occasional buyers, freeloaders, inactive users, and once in a blue moon buyers. You should plan your email copies and promotional offers according to the number of subscribers falling into these categories.

#2 Retention Efforts Through Promotional Emails

  • Upselling is believed to be one of the most important parts of retaining customers as their finances and aspirations improve. Especially when you are asking for a few more dollars, you should use responsive HTML email templates to design a fabulous upsell emailer to engage with your top categories. Have a look at how KiwiCo does it:

#2 Retention Efforts Through Promotional Emails

  • Birthday email is another way to retain your clients by adding mutual appreciation and reciprocation. You can use free HTML email templates to customize mesmerizing birthday emails to target appropriate categories. Have a look at the below example:

HTML email templates

  • Special occasions emails are one of the successfully used promotional campaigns. It opens up so many opportunities to promote during the year, including Mother’s Day, Black Friday and many more. You can customize HTML email templates to design your messages as per the occasion. Look at the example below:

Black Friday

  • Anniversary emails are another way to engage with your favorite clients. You need to acquire customer data for personalizing and setting up an automated workflow. You can easily customize free HTML email templates to reflect your brand’s willingness to engage positively. Wemo uses anniversary email like below:

Anniversary emails are another way to engage

  • Reminder emails are a highly effective way to engage with your clients. It can be a reminder to attend an event, politely nudging to take action, or expiration/renewal. Again, you can use responsive HTML email templates as per your need to craft a captivating emailer. Have a look at one below from Zapier:

Reminder emails

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#3 Retention Efforts Through Transactional Emails

Transactional emails can also help you retain your clients to a great extent. Unlike promotional emails, transactional emails are keenly awaited by your subscribers. Therefore they enjoy a much better open rate. When sent timely, transactional emails help your clients fully utilize your product/service without any hassle and project your business as dependable. Transactional emails include onboarding emails, order confirmation, shipment information, delivery confirmation, product survey emails, and support requests.

#4 Retention Efforts Through Newsletters

Newsletters improve your brand’s trustworthiness and attract prospects by giving visibility on topics that people like to consume in large amounts. If your business is such, then newsletters can help you divert traffic to your website. If you continuously provide your clients with engaging information, their trust and loyalty towards your brand will increase and this gives you an upper edge over brands pushing mere promotional content.

#5 Making Last-Ditch Effort To Retain Through Retargeting/ Reactivation Emails

If your subscriber is inactive for a considerable amount of time, then it’s possible that your emails are landing in their spam folder and adversely affecting deliverability. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep your reactivation emails’ frequency, and total messages sent on the lower side.  You would want to create a sequence of four emails to retain clients. The first email should be a gentle reminder. The second should help them troubleshoot, and the third email should present them with a win-back offer. Lastly, you should help them unsubscribe to improve deliverability.

Final Thoughts

Marketers like adding new subscribers to their mailing lists, but one should not underestimate the importance of nurturing existing clients. It is much more profitable to retain your existing clients. A 5% increase in retention is a reward by 25% extra profits. Moreover, it is also easier to retain your existing client than to acquire a new client. I hope that this article will come in handy when designing your client retention campaign.

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