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DOC vs. PDF: What is the Best Document Format this 2021?

DOC vs. PDF: What is the Best Document Format this 2021?

Ever since COVID-19 has emerged, the world has been forced to transition schools and work into new modes of learning or working into what they call “the new normal setup” wherein all forms of communication and submissions are done digitally. Electronically sharing files has been on the beat. This is a struggle for some who are not familiar with what document format they should use in different situations. Some prefer PDF when submitting files to others, especially if the receiver is using another device. While others may still stick to the very famous Microsoft Word document Format.

Today, these two document format have been the most used format by most students and professionals, making these two universally accepted formats hype worldwide. However, PDF and Microsoft Word file formats have their strengths and weaknesses. So you need to know the proper file format you should use often.

Advantages of using PDF format

First, we will take a look at the advantages of PDF format so you will know when to decide to convert PDF to Word or vice versa! Since all submissions as of this year done electronically, using PDF format has a lot of benefits to offer! We will list and elaborate it below:

  1. If the primary goal of that document is to produce high-quality printouts, PDF should be your clear choice! Using PDF in sharing files with others, especially if you have no idea what kind of device the receiver is going to use will save you from any trouble! You can be more than assured that your document will be seen exactly as how you formatted it, and the document will be viewed on the other end with the precise page layout and pagination as you have expected. Then, it will also be printed out with precision and accuracy.This is perfect if you are sharing high-quality documents like newsletters, catalogs, manuals, and so on that are mainly intended for huge printing. PDF files are print-ready and are widely compatible with professional printers (unlike Word formats). In short, one of the biggest advantages of using PDF format when sharing files is it is preserved in a way that you can be so sure that it will be viewed the same way you want it to be and will be printed as expected.
  1. If you want to impress your receiver with how you create documents—for example, when applying for a job online and when submitting an interactive work to your boss or professor—PDF can behave like a webpage. You can integrate a table of contents, intra-document, and hyperlinks on it. The best thing with PDF is that you can also upload it to the internet easily and your file will not be altered by anyone (unless they have downloaded it and converted it into Word file document format).
  2. If you are in the business world working from home because of the pandemic, do not worry if you are sharing an important file on the internet through PDF! Legal documents and forms that were created and shared through PDF can still maintain their integrity by securing it in such a way that no one will be allowed to change its wordings or the terms of agreements.
  3. PDFs will also allow you to lessen your stress during this online work or study setup because they will allow you to combine many file formats into one PDF file. For example, you may compress a Word document, and Excel spreadsheets, vector graphics, and more while maintaining a small file size. In that way, you do not have to worry whether your receiver on the other end has enough storage to save your work!
  4. If you use PDF, you can now sit back and relax because your boss or professor on the other end will surely be able to see and view it! Having an Adobe Acrobat on all computers is the standard so your PDF can be read using any computer. Unlike the Word formats that cannot be viewed if there is no Microsoft Office installed. Not only be read and viewed! You can be assured that it will be viewed with exact colors, layout, fonts, and contents!

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Advantages of using Word format

Like PDF format, Word format also has its strengths (which is the main reason people used it mostly all the time) but we will try to tell you the advantages of using it today amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. If the file you will share is still not in its final form and your primary purpose is to just share your draft with your colleagues, teammates, or might as well classmates, Word format should be your top pick! Whether we admit it or not, we not adjusted to this online-learning/working setup, and some of us might still have a hard time managing our time and passing our work before deadlines. Sharing through Word files when collaborating will reduce miscellaneous works to done on the other end since Word files can be edited, modified, and adjusted right away! It is also easy to extract images from a Word file and reuse it (which cannot be done with PDFs since images embedded in it).
  2. Although PDFs preserve format and layouts, some professors and companies still prefer the tasks to submit in Word formats so that they can be easily grammar-checked or spot-checked for minor errors. Keep in mind that Microsoft Word document format is an extremely powerful document editor since it provides suggestions and spots errors in your documents! It is best if you ask your prof or your boss what format you should pass your assignments.

Conclusion: Which is the best format I should use this year?

The answer is you should base it according to your purpose. Are you sharing it for print? For mainly viewing or reading? Is it for posting? If that is the case, then you should use a PDF format, but if it is for editing and collaboration, then you should stick with the Microsoft Word format. Whatever your decision is, just be mindful of the advantages of the two formats so that you can choose the one that would benefit you the most, especially today that most of the works done and passed electronically!

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