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What is Dish TV? – About, Package Channels, and More

What is Dish TV? – About, Package Channels, and More


Dish TV is a telecommunications provider that offers wireless Internet services and satellite television in the Mexican Republic.

Also, you can contract cell phones with Dish, thanks to its alliance with FreedomPop.

It is the service Television Dish, which operates satellite.

It has a large number of Dish channels for sports, children, national, cultural, movies and entertainment, and high definition and premium channels.

It offers eight different television packages to choose from.

All include Dish Móvil for free on all devices, ten audio channels, and installation of the service.

What are the Basic Package Channels on Dish TV?

The basic package of Dish includes 58 channels and Dish Mobile for $ 239 a month.

It only consists of some free TV channels in HD; all other programming is only available in standard definition.

These channels offer themed very diverse and can find different genres: children ‘s, cultural, sports, documentaries, series, movies, and music events.

Some of the main channels in each package are listed below :

1.      Dish TV Basic

It includes Dish Nickelodeon channels and others such as CNN, Disney, WB, TVC, Hola TV, Fox Sports 2 or Fox Sports 3.

2.      Dish TV Basic Plus

it contains the Basic package channels along with Antena 3, Animal Planet, VH1, H2, Nick Jr, Cinecanal and Baby TV, among others.

3.      Dish TV HD

Basic package and other content such as Discovery HD, SyFy HD, Nick Jr, Disney HD, History HD, MTV HD, and Fox Life HD.

4.      Dish TV HBO MAX HD

Primary package channels along with HBO and Max Prime in both standard and HD versions.

5.      Dish TV FOX Premium HD

The basic package and others such as Fox Series, Movies, Action (these three in the standard version and HD), Family, Cinema, and Classics.

6.      Dish TV All Access HD

It Includes the Basic Plus package, HD channels like HBO, HBO 2, HBO Plus, Max Up, Max Prime, and standard channels like Fox Series, Movies, Action, Family, Cinema, and Classics.

7.     Basic + Adults

Playboy TV and Venus.


These are the main channels

  • Fox
  • Universal
  • WB
  • Sony
  • AXN
  • A&E
  • TNT
  • AND!
  • MTV
  • Disney
  • Discovery
  • Fox Sports
  • ESPN

Here are some of the most viewed shows

  • The walking dead
  • Keeping Up With the Kardashians
  • How I met your mother
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Criminal minds
  • New Amsterdam
  • Acapulco shore

* All local broadcast TV channels in your city will be added.

What are the Packages in Dish TV?

The company offers its customers different Dish packages, among which Double Play stands out, consisting of Dish TV and ON the Internet.

packages with Internet

It also offers Internet packages to complete your entertainment.

The packages with the Internet are available throughout Mexico.

Internet, better known as ON the Internet, is offered using 4G technology and is available for contracting independently.

This is the Dish TV + Internet offer available in Mexico:

What is the Coverage?

At the moment, the coverage of ON Internet, Dish Internet, covers the main cities of the country:

  • Mexico City
  • Mexico state
  • Monterrey
  • Guadalajara

How to Hire Dish TV?

The services Dish can be contracted through both Internet and telephone.

Dish’s installation period usually lasts between three and ten days.

The company will start billing the service as soon as the installation is completed, and the requested package is correctly displayed. Selecting how much can be completed within a Sprint Planner may be challenging.

What is the Customer Service of Dish TV?

Service Customer Support Dish allows various steps

  • Contract the service of TV packages and ON the Internet
  • Contract Dish with Telmex
  • Contact Form
  • Claims and complaints
  • Suggestions

Dish promotions

It serves its customers by phone from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Dish’s online chat, located on the company’s website, is also available simultaneously.

Finally, through the Dish Mailbox, you can send comments or requests.

Including cancelling the Dish service, leaving the following information

  • Name
  • Email
  • Client number
  • Commentary

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