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Crypto Staking and Why It’s the Best Way to Get Free Cryptocurrency

Crypto Staking and Why It’s the Best Way to Get Free Cryptocurrency

People who never dealt with cryptocurrencies think that all they need to know is how to perform XLM to DGB exchange or any other pair. It is not true because this market is full of interesting and surprising things and possibilities. In this article, you are going to figure out what staking is about.

Crypto Staking – What Is It?

It is the new form of transaction validation. Previously, the proof-of-work protocol was applied to validate a transaction. That validation was done by the miners, which required them to solve a cryptographic puzzle first. Whoever can solve the puzzle was able to validate the transaction. It also assisted them in earning rewards towards the end of the transaction.

On the contrary, a new protocol was developed that would not require miners. This protocol is called proof-of-staking. It was first introduced in a paper that was written by Sunny King and Scott Nadal. The paper was about the Peercoin project. The main idea behind the Peercoin project was to introduce a coin that is able to run on the hybrid of both the protocols, proof-of-work, and proof-of-stake.

The protocol works in a fairly simple way. The first step is that the user, or in this case, the forger, locks a specific number of coins. This locking process is known as staking. Every network or cryptocurrency has a certain number of coins that are required to get locked. If the minimum number of coins is not staked, then the forger will not have the ability to validate any transaction. After the forger has staked the minimum number of coins, the protocol will randomly assign a transaction to the forger, which he will validate, and in the end, earn a reward.

Due to these reasons, this protocol is preferred to the proof-of-work. It must be kept in mind that once a forger has staked a minimum number of coins, he or she will not be able to withdraw them or use them in other transactions for some time.

This protocol has some other advantages as well, such as it does not require the computational energy that was needed by the proof-of-work protocol. It meant that there would be less energy used, which in turn meant less amount of heat released.

Bitcoin, which is the largest cryptocurrency in the world today, does not utilize a proof-of-stake protocol. Rather it used the proof-of-work protocol that applied to cause a lot of problems for the miners and the investors.

So, how does crypto staking work? The higher the number of coins you can stake, the more benefits you shall reap. Since your coins are doing the extra work by helping in the validation of the transactions, therefore a certain number of staked tokens are given as a reward. Furthermore, you must diversify your staking. It is true that if you place all the coins in one network, then the chances of it being able to validate the transaction also increases, but diversifying your options is better.

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What Can They Stake?

Staking is becoming more preferred, so consumers can access numerous options to earn some extra money. However, the biggest crypto assets available for staking are:

  • Tezos;
  • Ethereum;
  • ALGO;
  • ICX;


There are various other applications and websites that also explain exciting methods of earning free cyber crypto, but staking your assets is the best method of earning rewards. Keep in mind that you must not validate anything that is illegal, or half of the coin that you have staked will be lost.

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Review Crypto Staking and Why It’s the Best Way to Get Free Cryptocurrency.

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