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Content Optimization Tips for Divorce Lawyers

Content Optimization Tips for Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Lawyers: Content optimization is a crucial aspect of your website when you are a divorce lawyer. The focus of family law, and in particular, the focus on divorce, has fewer targeted keywords, compared to some other practice areas. There are some misconceptions surrounding exactly what content marketing is, and how it relates to SEO marketing.

Visiting the website of a divorce attorney is the first contact that a potential new client has with the firm. This means that optimizing content is imperative for gaining newclients and helping them find exactly what they are looking for when they visit your website.

Understanding Content Optimization

Content optimization is often used interchangeably with SEO optimization. SEO optimization focuses on a specific keyword. The National Law Review explains that SEO optimization can help a law firm rank higher on search engines such as Google and Bing.

Content optimization requires that you have a marketing strategy that helps clients to easily find you, and to find exactly what they want on your website. Content optimization focuses on making sure that the website reaches the largest audience possible and provides the best possible experience for the target audience.

Content Optimization Tips

These tips will guide you towards understanding the importance of content optimization, and how to gain the visibility boost to attract more traffic and to drive results for your practice, instead of a competitor’s practice. When content optimization is done right, the well-written content itself, the engagement and the user experience provide the ideal opportunity to brand the awareness and success that you desire to achieve with your website.

The first tip is to realize that there are different aspects to content optimization. It is about more than simply making your site look attractive with pictures and reviews. Consider that you are optimizing the content for both humans and for search engines. Google and other search engines want to understand exactly what your content is about so that it can rank it and index it properly.

Content Optimization Spelling and Selling for Divorce Lawyers

Write well-written content for optimization. This may seem like a simple tip. Have you recently looked, really looked, at your site and the site pages? It is sometimes surprising how many sites, even those belonging to law firms and attorneys, are wrought with spelling and basic grammar mistakes.

Prospective clients may skip right over your website. Would you trust an attorney to help you with a serious situation such as divorce if the attorney has misspelled words on their landing page, practice pages, blog posts, or other site pages?

The next tip is to make sure that you have a website that tells the client exactly what they want to know when they find you. Spell it out in simple language, rather than legal language that the client may not understand or want to wrangle through just to understand what you do and whether you can help them with their divorce.

You can achieve this through steps that include:

  • Reveal exactly who you are
  • Explain how you can help them and why you are uniquely qualified to do so
  • Provide links to other pages on your site
  • Provide a call to action (CTA) and ways to contact you

An important tip for content optimization is to understand your selling position. What makes you unique, compared to your competition? Visit competitor sites and learn what distinguishes you from them and make those qualities or services very visible to your site visitors.

Do you feel that you do not have the large budget for content optimization? Start with what you have to invest in a well-designed website. Can you create it yourself? Look at comparable sites to make this decision. Remember, the legal industry is highly competitive, including in focus areas such as divorce. Your site design can potentially help you to stay ahead of the competition.

Offer solutions to new clients. Although the site is about you, it is not all about you. Sure, clients want to know who you are, but they also want to find solutions to their issues. Provide links to other site pages that answer specific questions that clients may have about divorce. “Will my divorce attorney help me with child custody?” “How long does it take to get a divorce?” These are examples of questions that site visitors want solutions for when they visit your site.

When Content Optimization is Done Right

One of the best ways to ensure content optimization is to clean up your website today. How old are your site posts, images, and testimonials? Place current and relevant images on your website, but do not clog the site. Clear out some old posts. Make sure that all posts are evergreen content.

Strive for quality and not quantity. Providing new clients with well-written, engaging content goes a long way towards content optimization. Content that reflects solutions for clients will likely increase traffic and lead to new clients that trust your voice, your services.

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