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Client Portals Should Offer Certain Features- Learn More about Them

Client Portals Should Offer Certain Features- Learn More about Them

Client portals are becoming popular solutions for businesses to collaborate with clients on a digital workspace. Nowadays, most customers and clients prefer to collaborate online with businesses because it’s convenient. They have proven effective as the world is emerging from the effects of the pandemic, and many employees are still working from home.

It is the responsibility of an organization to choose a client portals platform that offers the maximum benefit and features. So, what are some of the specific features that businesses look for in the platform?

1. Platform Customization Options

Clients need to customize the various aspects of the platform to suit the organization’s needs. A company can brand the platform with its logos and include services their customers need.

Clients can customize their dashboard layouts to match their needs. The platform ought to have a variety of icons, buttons, lists, images, and video options that allows clients to make the necessary adjustments. A drag-and-drop customization tool makes it easy for clients to build interactive layouts that their customers will love.

2. Customer Communication Tools

Clients need multiple ways to communicate with customers and their employees during collaborative projects. An excellent client solution has various communication options like chats, discussion forums, and document comment sections.

Communication channels ensure a free flow of information during a project and timely updates about progress. Clients and employees can choose which communication channel suits their needs whenever they want to discuss something.

3. Secure Online Workspaces

The demand for secure online workspaces for project collaborations is high. Customers want to be part of their projects and monitor the progress from anywhere. Moreover, they want to give feedback on aspects of a project instead of waiting for the final product.

Online workspaces allow document collaboration, approval procedures for documents, calendars, task managers, email notification options, and a way to monitor the progress of projects from anywhere.

4. Access and Permissions

The best client platform enables you to set who has access to which data and projects and administrators in the system. Clients need access to all their files and data whenever they log into the client portal. Managers can set permissions for groups or specific employees depending on the projects they are working on.

Teams can have access to see their collaborative projects. However, employees shouldn’t have access to other employee projects or documentation. Team leaders can access all their team projects for review and approval. Overall, it must be easy for an organization to set up advanced permissions to determine who has access to what.

5. Adequate Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a compulsory feature to ensure online workspaces can support collaborations. You need a platform with adequate cloud storage for your project. Organizations have to store their files, research, and relevant data to make it accessible to all team members. Choosing a package with more cloud storage than your projects require would be best.

Do You Need A Client Portals?

Any organization that collaborates with clients online needs a dedicated portal to run smoothly. You can check out a demo client portal and get an idea of what you get when you invest in the one.

Review Client Portals Should Offer Certain Features- Learn More about Them.

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