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Casino Games in Online RPGs – Is It Possible?

Casino Games in Online RPGs – Is It Possible?

Undoubtedly, the online gaming industry is now bigger than ever. RPGs (Role Playing Games) are especially growing in popularity. We have only our technology to thank for that, as the technological advancement improved load times for games, their graphics, and most importantly, their storylines.

Nowadays, most games you choose to play will offer you the highest-quality gaming experience. In line with the online gaming industry, the online gambling industry grew. More and more people try out mobile casinos and play their favorite casino games such as poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, reel spinning, and slots.

This interest in online casinos is not just about the money. It’s about the unique features and a predominantly gaming experience they have to offer. Now we reach the following question – would it be possible to get top-rated RPGs that are much like casino games?

Are online casino games possible in RPG?

If you’re all about online casinos as RPGs, you’ve probably heard about CasinoRPG, which looks much like everything enthusiastic gamers expect to see from casino games. However, the only reason for the great popularity of this game is that it’s the only one on the market offering RPG combined with casinos, and not because its features are impeccable.

CasinoRPG doesn’t have all the elements a great PRG should have. Those elements include exploration, quests, setting, character building, character progression, gameplay variety, user-interface tools, party mechanics, dramatic narrative, and consequences.

Unfortunately, CasinoRPG lacks a couple of these elements, which leads us to long for more. Sure, some top-rated online casino games have developed their unique worlds of fantasy, but that’s still not enough. Is it so difficult to incorporate the traditional gambling world into an impeccable RPG?

We’ve reached the following conclusion – RPGs usually revolve around some sort of “escape.” Still, this feature is not common for online casino games, as the casino games’ developers worry it can lead to addiction. But a good idea would be to combine RPGs and casino games and present this “escape” as an escape from reality, without any risk.

Real money can still be involved, but not everything must revolve around it. What will remain is the player’s pure desire to get excitement and entertainment, which feels and looks real. This setting would be possible to go to the next level if the player arranges the lights, the ambiance and incorporates the sounds of a casino.

Finally, to answer our question from the beginning of his text – yes, online casino games in RPGs would be and are possible, and there’s a great interest for them. All we need is somebody (an experienced developer) who would be willing to create this personalized gaming experience and combine the two most enthusiastic worlds of gaming and gambling.

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Closing remarks

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what online casino games in RPGs would look like. It would bring gamers and gamblers together, and games of such sort would boom on the market. We just have to hope that developers will put these thoughts and ideas into practice and provide enthusiastic players with an exquisite gaming/gambling experience.

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