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Remarketing Facts that will Boost Your PPC Strategy

Remarketing Facts that will Boost Your PPC Strategy

Remarketing has come up as a term that is highly fearful for advertisers. Sure, certain advertisers have their own certain, but remarketing is wholly different that will be beneficial if properly understood. To brush things a little bit, remarketing is essentially a way to serve the targeted ads to people who have already taken action on the website. This is done through cookies saved on the website. Now we will list down some remarketing facts that will make you propel to alter your current PPC marketing strategy. Also, you can use tools like PPC management software in order to optimize your PPC advertising more successfully.

Increase in conversion rate

There were imprudent ideas about remarketing that offend potential customers. But those are total blasphemous words. According to some statistical analytics, the conversion rates noticeably increases when users see an advertisement by remarketing campaigns. But it is also evident that the CTR decreases, but people two have seen the advertisement already are likely to convert more. Remarketing is more like gentle reminders to checkout on things that are left unbought. You can see these in most e-commerce applications, i.e. when you leave things in the cart and that are yet to be checked out.

Get better reach with Facebook and Google

Utilize the vast power and base of Google and Facebook for remarketing. For those who don’t know Google Display Network and Facebook, they offer the utmost spread for your remarketing operations. Going through Statistics, Google Display Network reaches 90% of the total Internet users throughout the globe, of which 65% of the users get daily advertisement. And according to Google, more than a trillion impressions are served to 1 billion users every month. And, according to the current indexes offered by Facebook, they have 1.4 billion, amongst an average of 900 million logs, in every single day. The numbers will increase greatly in the recent future. You can avail of the best pay per click services to get potential leads from Facebook and Google.

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Remarketing helps in brand imaging

Search ads and organic searches are truly great but where they lack is in some small issues. Like, with them, you can’t build the reputation of your brand, i.e., with tiny text ads and organic search listings. Drawbacks like a limited amount of character spacing, logos are supported, and failure of usage of visual elements that marketers implement to uplift the brand reputation. And in many instances, they didn’t convert and left the website without ever visiting back. Thus, here comes display remarketing that helps a brand develop its image by being more creative by infusing images into an advertisement for being more discreet and remarkable. Using direct traffic as a proxy for branded searches legitimately increases the impacts. And, in a year, it is well determined that you will see a boost of up to 50% of repeat visitors and conversions.

Remarketing clicks are cheap

Search ads, when considered in super-competitive industries, can charge several dollars/ per click. And the average costing of keywords is more than $50 per click. Whereas on the contrary, display and social remarketing advertisement click cost more than 60% less. So, narrowing things down, with search ads, you will get higher conversion rates, but it will be followed by higher cost per click. Now in case of remarketing, you will get higher conversion rates, as well as balanced, clicked prices, which will directly deliver a better return on investment.

Remarketing lists for search ads

Remarketing has another sector apart from display and social, i.e., RLSA, which amalgamates the intent of the search query with contexts like location, device, and browsing history. This results in an average 2x higher uprise in CTRs and 50% lower CPCs.


Remarketing in 2021 has emerged as a dominant component for social media and searches. So, these are basic facts you keep in your psyche, never let your prospect leave your website without conversion.

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