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Bingo Games Calls that all UK people love

Bingo Games Calls that all UK people love

What’s the most important part of UK bingo? Could it be the chance of winning the jackpot? The social atmosphere? Or maybe you’re like us and love hearing the brilliant bingo games calls that accompany the game – go right here. Everybody loves them, and if you don’t know any you are missing out – don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out our favourite bingo games calls that all UK people love! We’re going to be taking a look at:

85 – Stayin’ Alive

3 – Cup of Tea

9 – Doctor’s orders

… and more!

British Bingo Calls

Some bingo calls would make sense wherever you are in the world, but many of them will only make sense to someone who has lived in the UK. UK Bingo calls creatively reference many things in British culture including:

–          Old fashioned expressions

–          Rhymes

–          Jokes and slang

One of the best examples is going to seem a little bit stereotypical – ‘Number 3, cup of tea!’ Of course a British person would invent this bingo call – it all makes sense now. It’s a great reference to the UK’s favourite drink, and it rhymes too! Another classic example is ‘Number 9, Doctor’s Orders – this is a reference to a pill from back in the war which you would take to help with… well let’s just say the details are pretty gross. If you know, you know.

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References to Pop Culture

Here in the UK we love music of all different forms, so it’s not to much of a surprise that our musical interests have spread into the bingo world. A great example is ’85, stayin’ alive’ named after the Bee Gees track – this track was huge in the UK, and therefore when this is shouted in the bingo hall you just know that everyone is going to sing along, have a laugh and enjoy themselves. Perfect. Another perfect example of this is ’17, Dancing Queen’ which is a reference to the lyrics of the classic Abba hit ‘Dancing Queen’ – we really didn’t need to explain that to you did we, and that shows exactly what I mean – these bingo calls are timeless and loved very much the UK. Some of these can be pretty cryptic, but others are just silly – take ’42, Winnie The Pooh’ – perhaps this was Winnie the Pooh’s age? Nope, it just rhymes… that’s it.

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UK: King of the Bingo Calls

Overall, bingo exists all over the world and many people enjoy playing it every day. In many countries it is even more popular than it is here, but we think nobody can beat UK when it comes to bingo calls. If you are ever hanging out with your mates over a luxurious game of bingo and the host forgets their bingo calls, don’t forget to refer to this list and give them a helping hand. Bingo!

Review Bingo Games Calls that all UK people love.

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