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Best Technology Solution for Travel Businesses

Best Technology Solution for Travel Businesses

Travel technology solutions have helped travel businesses achieve previously unthinkable goals. Technology helps travel businesses expand, imagine, and create solutions and services that make travelling an unforgettable experience. The travel business, therefore, requires technology to constantly evolve and progress.

Certain technological solutions have changed the way the travel business works. These advancements have led to travellers being happier, and travel businesses earning more while functioning smoothly. Travel businesses everywhere should have access to such technological solutions to serve their customers better and grow their business.

Online Travel Portals

Online Travel Portals

Travel portals are an absolute necessity for any travel company. Depending upon your business, a B2B or B2C travel portal plays the most vital role.

Travel agencies, travel companies, and travel agents everywhere use B2B travel portals to run their business. B2B travel portals allow agents access to wide inventory, they have the data on pricing, availability, and travel information delivered in real-time. B2B travel portal is integrated with the GDS system and provides white label solutions.

B2C portals are a gateway for travellers to conduct their online search and book hotels, flights, local activities, transfers, tour packages, etc. The customer holds the power to plan and execute their travel online/ B2C portals to bridge the gap between customers’ travel needs and available resources.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Nearly everyone uses a smartphone and not just to make a call. Travellers use smartphones not just to plan their trips but also to use them during their travel. This means that a travel mobile app is necessary for every travel company. The app must have CMS, a booking engine, itinerary generator, language management, currency converter, social media log in, etc.

Travel companies need a mobile app to ensure their customer’s needs are well met.

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Connection to the Best Suppliers


The best way to compete in the crowded space of the travel industry is by associating with the best suppliers. Suppliers have access to products, content, inventory and prices. Being connected to good suppliers helps travel companies have a robust inventory, get access to premium content and have an impressive booking.

They can offer their customers a variety of choices. They can also offer their customers and agents competitive rates. Some of the best travel technology providers like OTRAMS can provide travel companies with access to the world’s leading suppliers like Expedia, DerbySoft, Mystifly, RateGain, RateHawk etc.

Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions

Travel companies should look for smart solutions like cost optimization, booking re-verification etc. Your technology partner should give you access to such smart solutions to improve your customer experience.

Booking errors are one of the biggest problems that travel companies all over the world face. Booking errors usually result in angry customers, poor reviews, and a lack of report business. In short, it can lead to the ruin of a company due to brand reputation loss and loss of income. All of this can be avoided with a technology-based solution

Booking re-verification is not a novel idea, but when you add technology to the mix, it’s a perfect solution that ensures error-free booking, and a smooth and hassle-free experience for the customer. All of this is great for the business. AI-powered booking re-verification services like rePUSHTI is a game-changer that travel businesses need.

Strong Business Management

Strong Business Management

Business management is an essential aspect of any industry. All travel companies need technology that supports agent management, which means login, support and permissions for your agent to work and access your inventory.

Travel companies need software that lets you calculate and add your markup profile. Mark profiling should include the ability to add multiple markups, create multiple markup profiles, and add a markup or discount to flight ticketing.

Reports are essential in business as they help you make informed decisions. Your travel technology software should give you reports that provide insights into your business.

The travel business is dynamic and keeps changing. The technology that travels companies choose must adapt to the changing world. It’s important to choose technology that provides regular upgrades and updates to comply with the latest trends and fulfil the demands of the consumers.

Travel technology solutions need to be powerful, all-encompassing and tailored to suit the company’s needs. It’s essential to analyze requirements and choose software or service that satisfies the requirements. It’s essential to understand that technology is the present and future of the travel business, so the travel industry must embrace technological solutions to drive its growth.

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