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Best PS2 Games to Play Today

Best PS2 Games to Play Today

Have you ever thought of what makes a console truly remarkable and successful? Of course, there are many factors behind that. A good system needs to be powerful enough and impressive in terms of its graphical capabilities. Sound and compatibility also matter. But it’s the collection of games that truly distinguishes any system from others of its kind.

The PlayStation 2 was one of the consoles that offered its fans not only technically impressive specs but also a rich library of mega captivating games, lots of which are now available in the form of ROM files. So, if you’re using an emulator to play PS2 games, you might appreciate a new PS2 games download for your collection. But which PS titles are the most impressive and worth revisiting today? Let’s try to find out.

God of War 2

Following up on a series debut as incredible as the original God of War was no easy task. But Sony’s Santa Monica was more than up to it. With God of War 2 they completely outmatched the first entry in every way possible and in the process ended up delivering one of the best action games we’ve ever played. Even now! Incredible action, massive set pieces, and the blockbuster story full of brutality and time travel! And God of War had all of the elements in place to deliver something special. And that’s exactly what they did.

Persona 4

Atlas’ baffling decision-making process means we’re not entirely sure why Personal 4 first launched on PS2 in 2008, a couple of years into the PS3 life. But it doesn’t mean that the quality of the game in question suffered from that. We’re not complaining at all! In fact, in doing so, the developer ended up delivering an incredible swan song for an incredible system. Personal 5 may have been when the series broke into the mainstream, but as series fans will tell you, its predecessor is just as good, if not better, in many ways.

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy

Naughty Dog didn’t have nearly as much cachet in the PS2 era as it does now. But even so, the studio was routinely putting out great games for Sony’s console. The best of the bunch was probably Jak and Daxter, which may not have had the heavier emphasis on storytelling and gameplay improvements of its sequel, but it still feels like the purest most distilled form of what that series was about. Given how different subsequent Jak and Daxter games felt from its debut, though, a lot of that just comes down to personal preference.

Final Fantasy 12

While it was controversial upon release, the time has been kind to Final Fantasy 12. Its fantasy sci-fi setting, unique combat system, WRPG trappings, and tentative steps into an open world – all made it incredibly ahead of its time, even at launch. And all presaged the shape and direction for RPGs to come in the years to follow. The last time this would be true for Final Fantasy. While the original PlayStation 2 holds up perfectly well, it’s the Zodiac Age pre-release on pretty much every system known to in the decade-plus since that really elevated this game’s profile, which is all the more reason to never lose sight of the excellent product it already was at the launch, to begin with.

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The PS2 is obviously not the system that Half-Life is most commonly associated with. But even so, the series’ first game did get ported over to Sony’s console sometime after release, thus allowing yet more players to experience everything it had on offer. The original Half-Life perhaps hasn’t aged very well in some aspects. And has been outdone by its successor and others. But even so, it remains a damn fine game in its own right.

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