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3 Best Leather Gun Holsters

3 Best Leather Gun Holsters

There are many different qualities of leather gun holsters available in the market to choose from reputable companies. That depends on the type of leather used & how it was formed and shaped can dictate how much pliable it is and find my favorite holsters. The leather holsters are around for a very long time dating to the west days with the cowboys carrying the 6 shooters on hips.

These days with concealed carry action growing guys are looking for a comfortable holster that will help them to carry the concealed carry gun comfortably. Even though there are a few good leather options for the concealed carry, and they will be dangerous for use.

With time & use, leather gets softer and pliable. Once you draw the gun from its holster leather on the top collapse and making it dangerous and difficult to re-holster the pistol. Holstering slow will be dangerous. Suppose leather collapses enough to catch the trigger you are guaranteed the accidental discharge. So, take a close look at some best leather holsters and buy the right one.

Galco Speed Paddle Gun Holster

The Galco holster is there for good reason and Galco is the best holster company out there, however that does not mean they do not innovate. Galco Speed Paddle Holster is the system, which mixes new and modern. Galco Speed Paddle mixes the leather body with the polymer and injection.


Speed Paddle is accessible for revolvers & automatics. Speed Paddle is an open design with passive retention. This retention system can be increased and decreased with the tension screw. The gun holster is made for the concealed and off-duty carry. And pushes holster much higher than an average and keep this concealed in something like T-Shirt. It is the best leather concealment gun holster.

Galco Combat Master

Next is Galco leather holsters and they are the biggest names when it comes to buying a quality leather holster. They have produced quality and well-designed gun holsters. Galco Combat Master gun holster is the leather OWB gun holster for automatic pistols. Galco Combat 1911 rig is a well-known holster right now in the market.

The Combat Master makes use of what is called the pancake design. The pancake design keeps this holster tight to the body. It improves the concealment as well as comfort to carry heavy guns. Pancake’s design keeps this weapon very tight to the body as well as makes it tough for anybody to try to take this from you.

Barsony Revolver Gun Holster

Barsony leather revolver gun holster is for classic nose revolver. This design itself is the classic revolver gun holster. Made for outside waistband carry the leather gun holster comes from the premium cowhide. The holster makes use of the metal clip for attaching this to the belt and the holster rides very high. Riding high helps to conceal the gun holster under the shirt and jacket. Barsony leather gun holster makes use of a thumb strap, which attaches through the simple button design.

Final Words 

Exposure to such elements is thought of as a peril for the field gun holsters. The concealed carry gun holsters might be exposed to bad weather & good drenching. The gun holster must be dried properly after such an incident. Don’t use a hairdryer. But, let gun holsters dry out naturally in the sunlight. Mold will set in a short time as per the climate. The quality leather gun holsters are the best investment and should be cared for properly. They provide several years of service.

Review 3 Best Leather Gun Holsters.

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