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Best Home Theater Projector – Advantages, Drawbacks, and More

Best Home Theater Projector – Advantages, Drawbacks, and More

Best Home Theater Projector

The best home theater projector can be alienating into three main groups: portable, business, and home theatre.

What we like most about these types of devices is that they offer an image as large as a large television, although it is true that its significant drawback is that the image quality is not as good.

DIDAR Mini Portable WIFI

Projector with Wireless Display: Wireless connection with iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, and any other.


  • Value for money, a projector with multiple connection possibilities, 3500 lumens, compact and light for 110 euros, even less in Amazon promotions, it is an excellent price for the value it brings
  • Connection with the mobile via WiFi or cable, being a home theater projector, having the possibility of projecting the Android or IOS mobile allows multiple options, such as sending YouTube videos, cloning mobile screen, or sharing images instantly
  • Multiple inputs, HDMI connection, USB playback, Micro USB card, VGA, excluding WiFi, allow almost any device to connect to the projector, a comparative advantage


  • Speakers, although it is common in home theater projectors that the sound is not one of its most potent, you sometimes hope it is not. In this case, that does not happen, well for short sessions, but better to connect external speakers to watch movies
  • Fan noise, it is more than 59db of noise in the cooling part can annoy some people, although it is entirely concealed with the film if they are romantic if you will notice it and it may bother you
  • Home theater projector presented by Didar, which offers in addition to its compact size, 3,500 lumens, and 50,000 hours of lamp life, WiFi connectivity for your mobile that gives this projector a special touch.
  • Standard speakers to get you out of a pinch and the typical noise common in all home theater projectors and a compact size that makes it very portable.
  • Multiple inputs to play your content in a maximum of 170″ diagonal to enjoy home theater for less than 110 euros.


【Build your home theater】 The Elephas Yg600 video projector uses the LED light source.


  • Speaker sound, rare in home theater projectors, its two stereo speakers are more than enough for good sound and enough for most audiences. The speakers sound loud and clear, which is a great plus
  • Good image quality, The excellent image quality provided by this projector is surprising. Its native 800p is noticeable in this range of home theater projectors, sharp images, vivid colors, and correct brightness
  • 98 inches in 2.5 meters, the recommended distance limit to give the maximum quality is 98 inches by merely placing the projector 2.5 meters from the projection screen, more than enough to enjoy movies as if you were in a cinema


  • It does not have a zoom, although being very light, it is easy to move. You will not be able to regulate the screen’s size other than moving it back and forth.
  • Others have a zoom in the menu that allows you to change it. In this, you must zoom out to enlarge the screen
  • Black levels, although image quality is good in medium light, its blacks appear gray and clash a bit if the image is dark or has many black parts.
  • A quiet projector with a native resolution of 1200 × 800 supports 1080p video, with 4500 lumens and high-quality built-in stereo speakers.
  • A level above the usual in this range of home theater projectors, responding with a clear, vivid, and sharp image even in medium light conditions.

DR.Q Mini Projector Lumen 3800

The DR.Q home theater projector has a native HD 1280 x 720p HD resolution.
€ 69.99


  • Looks good in medium lights 3800 lumens from the DR.Q. They allow you to provide quality. Although the room is not completely dark, a place as dark as possible is preferable.
  • But in adverse conditions, it will continue to be seeing 25% zoom with the remote once you find the right place to project on your screen.
  • The size adjustment from the menu allows you to adjust it so that no part is left uncovered and you have the inches you want
  • Very small and light, its compact and lightweight design makes it very transportable and easy to accommodate in any space.
  • Any furniture, table, or tripod is valid to place the projector in the right place to project


  • The built-in speaker meets basic tasks but does not respond if you want to watch a movie. Its multiple connections will allow you to easily connect a soundbar or a mini system to have a sound according to the projected image quality
  • Too noisy fan, it is common for projectors to have noise from the fans, even the most expensive ones, but this one maybe even more annoying. It is bearable but more fantastic than expected
  • A home theater projector from DR.Q. With a native resolution of 480p that supports 1080p to watch the movies or Netflix series you want with outstanding quality, a 3800 lumens’ brightness makes it look even with some light in the living room.
  • Suitable for professional use if the text to be projecting is medium, use it when you need it for your projects.
  • A zoom control adjusts the screen by 25% to fit the desired space, USB playback in a small and light housing that makes it very portable for less than 70 euros at Amazon.

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Review Best Home Theater Projector – Advantages, Drawbacks, and More.

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