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Best Gaming Mouse – 5 Best Gaming Mouses to Buy.

Best Gaming Mouse

Any experienced gamer knows the importance of the Best gaming mouse and even more so if your favorite genre is FPS (Shooters).

Its essence is such that brands specialized in specifically serving the market for this type of product. And no, it’s not just that they have a flashy design and lots of lights.

In general, gaming mice have a lot of extra buttons. Also, they offer much higher levels of sensitivity and precision. And, of course, they are highly configurable.

What’s more, gaming mice’s specialization is such that some are developing for a particular game type.

What exactly is a Gaming Mouse?

Gamer mice are specially scheming to get the most out of video games. In general, they have a distinctive ergonomic design that is visually very attractive.

In some, their dimensions can even be modifying. Also, they offer magnificent advantages in terms of precision and sensitivity.

They allow to store different configurations, and some even have a system of adjustable weights to modify their value.

Another common feature of gamer mice is the large number of buttons they have. Of course, its price is much higher than that of conventional mice.

1: VicTsing 7200DPI

  • VicTsing has excellent prices for very high quality, so it’s no surprise that their flagship gaming mouse is on the list.
  • This mouse goes up to 7200 DPI, which is very good and will certainly suffice for many gamers. It has five extra programmable buttons.
  • The mouse material is quite comfortable, although it is not of premium quality, and its design is ergonomic.
  • In general, the mouse is perfect and presents the best value for money, although remember that this is not a premium mouse and you can find some more expensive but with better advantages on the list.

2: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

  • Logitech is, without a doubt, a great manufacturer, producing some of the most incredible gaming mice out there.
  • It should say that this gaming mouse is exceptionally comfortable besides practical. It has an adjustable DPI of up to 12000 DPI, and it has weights so you can add and remove the weight you need and have the most comfortable mouse possible.
  • With 11 programmable buttons, which makes it perfect for almost any task, this is undoubtedly one of the best mice on the market.
  • As you can see, this is a premium mouse, and you will find very few better than this. The price is not excessive, and it has excellent value for money.

3: Razer DeathAdder Elite

  • Razer is arguably the best when it comes to gaming mouse manufacturing. Their products are of incomparable quality, but any rate of this type comes at a high price, and Razer excels at that. The 5g optical sensor on this DeathAdder Elite hits an impressive 16,000 DPI.
  • The mouse design is very striking, but at the same time, it is very comfortable and is perfect if you require the highest possible precision or if you want to make sure that your mouse is the best possible.
  • This mouse only has a couple of extra buttons in addition to the DPI, so it is more focused on shooters.

4: Razer Naga Trinity

  • The Naga Trinity is an even better version of the DeathAdder Elite. This time, it has a unique feature that will make this mouse the only one you want and need.
  • The mouse’s side panel can be exchanged for two other pieces, allowing you to have as many buttons as you wish.
  • The extra panels give you the ability to customize this mouse above any other, be it the classic 2 button model, a 7 wheel, or a full 12 pad.
  • This mouse adapts to what you need. It has the Razer 5g optical sensor with an adjustable 16000 DPI.

5: Corsair HARPOON

  • Corsair competes directly with Razer when it comes to gaming accessories. In this case, the Harpoon covered a point in the market that Razer cannot, offering excellent quality for a reasonably affordable price.
  • It is one of the best gaming mice that you will find in value for money without hesitation.
  • The Harpoon has 6 programmable buttons, which is very good for the price range. The 6000 DPI optical sensor is excellent and of very high quality.
  • It has an ergonomic design and a very comfortable texture. Without a doubt, the Corsair Harpoon is one of the best options for a first gamer mouse.

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