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Benefits of Phone Number Carrier Lookup API?

Benefits of Phone Number Carrier Lookup API?

Carrier Lookup API: Mobile phones have become an essential part of every person’s daily life. As a result, businesses use text messaging as a way to reach out to prospects and to get responses from them. It has a read rate of 97%, and within fifteen minutes of delivery, you can be assured your message will be read.

However, there is a catch—what if the number is incorrect?

According to a survey, an individual changes their number more than once in their lifetime. The issue is that many companies hardly receive an update, and the message will still be delivered regardless. It leads to a loss of millions of dollars, employee productivity, and resources, amongst other things. So, what should you do as a result?

This is where the phone number carrier lookup API comes into the picture. It is software that helps to verify and validate mobile numbers with a few simple clicks, saving time and resources.

But wait, there’s more. The benefit of the phone API doesn’t end here. Keep on reading!

Benefits of Phone Number Carrier Lookup API

1.    Keeps your Contact Database Fresh & Clean

According to research, almost 85% of customer data stored in business databases is old, irrelevant, expired or no longer valid. This can lead to adverse implications for businesses using this inaccurate data to plan marketing campaigns.

The solution is to keep the database clean by ensuring every piece of data entered is correct.

A phone number lookup API is your savior, as it helps you keep all incorrect and outdated information off your database. It allows you to validate phone numbers, and some APIs also permit you to check the validity of international numbers with the help of international codes. As a result, the information that enters your database is relevant, accurate and verified.

2.    Build an Effective SMS Marketing Strategy

SMS Marketing heavily relies on the right phone number. How can you expect your strategy to work when the marketing message you are sending out is probably not going to be received by your prospective client? You simply can’t!

On top of that, you can’t be sure of the accuracy of the information you get from directories or the internet about your customer. However, that is not the case with the phone number lookup API, which offers precise and up-to-date information. The database includes all the names and details along with the right phone number and keeps on updating frequently.

In essence, it makes sure that you keep a list of accessible contact information from which it is simple to acquire responses.

3.    Reduces Cost & Saves Time

Every SMS sent out costs money, and any time spent on curating a message and sending it to an invalid number is wasted. With API, stop rolling out credits on numbers your messages won’t reach. In fact, use it to find possible details about a person, from their location to even their criminal background. It helps to identify everything there is to know about a person.

The phone number lookup API is the software that allows you to find people by using their names and addresses. So, not only do you get phone numbers, but as said, public profiles, records, and other essential details.

Besides, the phone API is also the quickest search technology that’s not hard to use.

4.    Identify Callers from Unknown Numbers

It is a common misconception that businesses don’t suffer from fraudulent calls or receive messages from unknown numbers. The truth about scammers is that they don’t make anyone feel left out. However, in the case of enterprises, it ends up damaging their reputation and bottom line.

Enter the phone API that helps to identify callers from unknown numbers. With this software, you can use phone numbers to determine their geographic location and identity. It empowers you to fight annoying, troublesome, and harassing phone calls, and text messages without doing much.

5.    Highly Valuable for Call Centers

A phone number lookup API greatly benefits international call centers because it allows them to pair the customer with the right agent. For instance, if someone is calling from Portugal, it helps to identify the caller’s location to ensure the agent connected can communicate in their language, say Portuguese.

This helps call centers improve their work efficiency and boost customer satisfaction.

The Bottom Line

There you have the five most prominent benefits of using the verify API to ensure your message enters the right inboxes and comes back with favorable responses.

That said, nowadays, you have access to various lookup APIs. However, not all of them are worth your time as they often provide false information, leaving businesses more confused and lost. So, to avoid this issue, choose the correct phone API for effective results.

Definitely, NumVerify offers the best services to businesses to validate phone numbers and identify callers. With it, you can be assured that you will be 100% satisfied and won’t look for any other lookup service.

So, don’t wait and reach out today!

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