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How Autosuggest for Websites Drastically Increases Customer Satisfaction

How Autosuggest for Websites Drastically Increases Customer Satisfaction

Autosuggest (otherwise known as autocomplete or text suggestions) is a feature found in computer programs such as internet browsers, word processors, and spreadsheets that predicts and automatically completes the rest of a word or phrase a user is typing. Whether you are searching the web, writing an email, or filling out a spreadsheet, autosuggest is your helping hand, completing your thoughts and providing suggestions that help make your work easier. Below, we discuss how autosuggest for websites significantly increases customer satisfaction.

Reassures the Customer

When searching for a service or product, and it appears as a text suggestion, it confirms that the service or product is available while providing a shortcut that directs the customer to the right page.

Helps the Customer Explore Other Options

Autosuggest helps customers find alternatives to what they are looking for or discover additional items that they may not have considered. For example, a search for “chocolate cake recipe” could also suggest “chocolate cake recipe without cocoa powder,” and other related ingredients while typing.

Introduces Customers to Related Products

Based on a search query, a search engine can suggest a product that may tickle a customer’s fancy. Text suggestion allows a customer to go directly from the search box to where the product can be purchased with one click.

It Makes the Customer’s Journey Smoother

Text suggestions allow customers to navigate to the products they are looking for without any hiccups. For repeat customers, machine learning and artificial intelligence are applied to offer personalized search suggestions based on the customer’s product view history, which shortens the customer’s journey to the shopping cart.

Autosuggest Reduces Search Time

Autosuggest cuts search time in half as the customer is presented with relevant suggestions that help them find what they are searching for faster. Text suggestion also reduces the time customers spend typing as it offers suggestions faster than they can type.

Helps Avoid Spelling Mistakes

Autosuggest minimizes the number of characters a customer has to type, which, in turn, reduces the likelihood of errors.

Helps Avoid the “No Results” Page

When configured right, autosuggest decreases the number of times a customer will arrive at a “nothing found” page. Autosuggestions suggest relevant queries connected to existing products, guaranteeing a successful search.

Improves User Experience

Autosuggest helps customers find what they are looking for without putting in much effort. When customers can find what they are looking for faster, they will be more satisfied with your services and on-site user experience. In turn, this creates a positive brand image and can lead to more repeat customers.

Reduces the Number of People Leaving a Website

When people can find what they are looking for on your website, they are less inclined to leave. This gives you an opportunity to appeal to them and convert them to customers.

Autosuggest Increases Customer Satisfaction

Autosuggestions offer benefits that extend beyond reducing search time and ensuring relevant results. Autosuggestions make the customer journey smoother, introduce customers to alternative products, and enhance the overall user experience. Together, these benefits drastically increase customer satisfaction.

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