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Are Free Spins a Real Thing? 

Are Free Spins a Real Thing? 


Free Spins a Real Thing: Slot machines are often a draw for any gambler, as it is a low-effort game that you can easily win just by pressing a button to spin for the bingo. While there are many types of games available in casinos, slots are more often than not, the most popular due to the low effort needed from the player. Of course, some players prefer to go for games that require strategy and effort, as they aren’t blessed by lady luck. 

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, casinos, and clubs across many countries have been ordered to close, in an attempt to stop the spread of Covid-19. This has caused online casinos to rise in popularity. Online casinos offer many types of games, including slots! In fact, some sites even offer you free spins as a welcome or a registration bonus. Make sure to shop around for a site that offers such bonuses if you’re after a good time without having to spend too much money.

Winning At Slots

While most slot games are based solely on luck, there are the odd few which do require the player to have some skills on hand. Fret not though, as it is easy enough to quickly pick up when compared to other games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, or Poker. Slots are an extremely beginner-friendly game, with a majority of slot games depending on luck since all you do is spin the reels. 

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that a player can have no strategy or skill at all! The more you play, the more confident you will become. While betting more often means larger winnings when you win, confidence is needed to bet a large amount. Hence, beginners should start small, earning experience and confidence along the way before putting more money on the line. This also helps to ensure that you don’t lose all your money in one go if lady luck just isn’t on your side on any specific day.

Terms to Know If You Want to Play Slots

  1. Pay Line

When playing slots, you usually win when you get three symbols together. Different games use different symbols, so be sure to read up carefully on the winning symbols and their corresponding payouts before playing.

2. Scatter Symbol

These are symbols you should collect to have a go in the bonus rounds. During the bonus rounds, free spins will be given! Collecting more symbols gives you a better chance of winning since you get more free spins. 

   3. Wild Symbol

No matter which casino site you choose or which game you play, there will be wild symbols available. There may be variations across games on the payout if a wild symbol is in the pay line, but as a general rule of thumb, a wild symbol can be used in lieu of any other symbol in the pay line. 

    4. The Return To Player (RTP) Ratio

The Return To Player (RTP) Ratio

This is an important ratio for players to understand and take note of, as it allows players to determine if they are likely to win or not. However, it must be noted that using probability will not guarantee you a win since luck is also an important factor in slot games. To help tip the odds slightly in your favor, go for games with a high RTP ratio. When you do win in such games, it can be used to cover your losses. At the same time, it also gives you a good chance of winning big. 

    5. Volatility Rate

The volatility rate refers to the risks associated with a game. What this means is that a high volatility rate will mean that you are more likely to lose more money. Conversely, a game with a lower volatility rate means that there is a lesser chance of losing money. Of course, as with any other thing in the world, high risks also mean high returns, so by choosing a game with lower volatility, the returns will likely also be lower. 

   6.Random Number Generator (RNG) 

Another important thing to know about is RNG. When slots were first created, the slot machines were mechanical devices that needed players to insert a coin into the machine. With the passing of time and with technological advances, newer machines or games on online sites have become software-based. Behind the scenes, the software runs an algorithm to generate a number randomly. Players have cast suspicions on the fairness of such an algorithm-controlled system, but rest assured that it is definitely fair as RNG software is audited and thoroughly tested by independent software testing agencies to ensure the fairness of games. 

Why Are Slots The Ideal Game For Veterans And Beginners Alike? 

When you are just starting out on an online casino, you are likely to start small to gain some confidence before going all in. For veteran players who are in a tight spot with money, they may also be playing small. Slot games will be a good option since the stakes are usually lower compared to other games such as Poker or Baccarat. If you need a recommendation, you can register here to get a free bonus now!

Even with just a small bet, players stand the chance to win big. There have been instances where slot games offer players a chance at a 1000x payout. Some rare games even offer payouts as big as 10 000x. Further, there is also the chance of winning jackpots or bonuses. Hitting the jackpot is a surefire way to becoming an overnight millionaire! 

How to Play Slot Games? 

The first step is obviously to place a bet. As mentioned above, a pay line happens when you get three of the same symbols together, or when a wild symbol appears with two of the same symbols. After you have decided on your bet amount and confirmed it, click on the spin button or pull the virtual handle to get the machine spinning. When the reels stop, check the symbols shown. If the pay line is present, then you’ve just won yourself a sweet payout! 

How to Play Slot GamesConclusion

With countries across the world still in varying stages of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, together with the advent of technology, online casinos have been steadily growing in popularity given that their close to competitors in the forms of clubs or physical casinos have mostly remained shut. Having read this article, you are all ready to spin and win! 

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