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AR Augmented eCommerce Reality: Secure Your Experience

AR Augmented eCommerce Reality: Secure Your Experience

In 2022 the reality is that AR, also known as Augmented Reality, is getting abundantly exciting for both consumers and businesses. As AR technologies are proving to be very practical and helpful for many applications, companies with high stakes in eCommerce are pouring massive investments with the expectation to see a significant ROI sooner rather than later.

AR is augmenting the shopping experience massively and is a symbiotic member of the Metaverse family – the latest evolutionary step of the web, which has seen massive investment from iconic figures such as Mark Zuckerberg.

Yes, if you see this from your fun tech perspective lenses, it is probably tough to attenuate your exuberance. Imagine getting a close-to-real brick-and-mortar shopping experience from the comfort of your home when the snowstorm of the century is wreaking havoc outside.

This level of exuberance is what hackers are hoping for. AR technologies present a perfect watering hole attack platform amongst a roster of other new and exciting technologies.

This article is meant to be fun and exciting and, at the same token, raise your web security awareness and the unwavering efforts made by cybercriminals to deceive and increase their sophistication levels while perpetrating small to large-scale cyber-attacks.

Let’s talk about some responsible steps we should all be taking regarding securing our end-point devices before attending the wild AR shopping party.

Pre AR  Shoping Party Cybersecurity steps

The first pre-AR shopping party step is to ensure that you have an end-to-end anti-malware anti-virus cyber security solution installed on all devices that connect you to the web. It would be advisable to download a free trial and evaluate the product.

Evaluate carefully and meticulously characteristics such as UI  and UX, and content curated by the company, such as technical support and a user guide or online help.

Browser-Level Protection

Sometimes cyber attacks focus on attacking using malicious code to infect websites, hackers that may know you shop a particular eCommerce website and want to hack you for some reason could perpetrate a watering hole attack, and that is when a browser level protection is especially important.

During the evaluation period, check if the suite offers a web/browser add-on and test it out thoroughly.

If you evaluate several products and favour one with confidence, the next logical and responsible step is to purchase the full version. This is for uninterrupted protection across all your devices before you start having a blast shopping on AR-enabled eCommerce websites.

Two Cool Augmented Reality Shopping Experiences

  1. AR Virtual Supermarket – The Chinese online grocery store Yihaodian built one thousand AR virtual supermarkets which could be accessed through its app. With a smartphone, shoppers can stroll through the store and pick out items from virtual shelves.
  2. Timberland AR Campaign – Timberland has recently adopted an AR technology known as digital mirrors, magic mirrors and AR mirrors. Their customers can now virtually try a clothing item on by standing in front of a digital mirror without even getting in the (physical store). Customers strolling in an actual brick and mortar mall can see what items in the store would look like on them. Ofter customers rush or do not want to bother trying something on. This technology makes trying something on instant and much less cumbersome.

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