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A Quick Guide On How To Backup Data On Your Iphone

A Quick Guide On How To Backup Data On Your Iphone

Backup Data On Your Iphone: Are you looking for an effective way to backup your data? This article has some interesting insights into how you can do that using the right methods.

Managing the free iCloud storage can be quite a challenge. Apple provides 5GB of free iCloud storage to backup and store your data, but most of us run out of it within a few months, and then we are bound to buy more storage.

But what if there is another efficient way to manage and backup your data? If a question like this has crossed your mind, you have come to the right place because this article has the solution for you. We will guide you on how to backup WhatsApp on iPhone using iTunes and a powerful third-party app.

Part 1: Itunes – The Most Effective Method To Back Up Your Iphone

Before getting to know how you can do the WhatsApp transfer backup & restoreon iTunes, let’s discuss some of the primary services it provides. You might know iTunes as a media player. It is the software that is present in all Apple devices by default and lets you buy the music you want to listen to, and allows you to watch your videos. But it is not just used for media playing.

You can also use iTunes to backup your data, and although it might seem like a difficult task, in reality, it’s quite easy once you get to know the right steps. Backing up your data on iTunes is simple, and using this method can also save you from running out of iCloud storage. Look at the steps below carefully, understand them, and then start your backup:

Step 1: Get your computer, iPhone, and its charging cable ready and launch the latest iTunes version. After you have started iTunes, connect your iPhone with the computer using the charging cable. You will be asked to give authorization to the computer. Click on “Trust” and move forward.

Part 1 Itunes - The Most Effective Method To Back Up Your Iphone

Step 2: Now that you are ready to do the backup, you can now open the software. Sign in using your Apple ID. Once you have added your account to iTunes, you will see a list of options on the screen. From the list of functions, you will see an option that says, “Summary” click on that.

Part 1 Itunes - The Most Effective Method To Back Up Your Iphone

Step 3:In the summary option, there will be a bunch of selections you can make to start your backup. To do a manual backup of your iPhone to the computer, click on the “Back Up Now” button. This will initiate the WhatsApp data backup of your iPhone.

Part 1 Itunes - The Most Effective Method To Back Up Your Iphone

Part 2: How To Backup Whatsapp Data Only Using Mobiletrans?

Another way to backup your WhatsApp data is by using user-friendly software, WondershareMobileTrans. You can easily find it on the internet and download it for free on any computer. It has some fantastic options relating to your backup.

The software is authentic and works effectively with iPhone. It allows you to backup all types of WhatsApp data in no time that you can later restore on any other device as well. You don’t lose your important data, and your files remain backed up safely. Let’s take a look at a couple of steps to backup your WhatsApp data on MobileTrans:

Step 1: Access Backup & Restore Option

Download Wondershare MobileTrans from the official website and launch it on your computer. Open MobileTrans, and on the top of the window, you will see the services that this software will provide to you. To backup your WhatsApp, you need to click on “Backup & Restore” and then click on “Backup” from the “App Backup & Restore” options.

Step 1 Access Backup & Restore Option

Step 2: Attach Your Device

To start the process, first, you need to connect your iPhone to the computer. To do that, use your iPhone’s charging cable because the normal USB cable would not work with iPhone. After successfully connecting your phone, select your preferred version of WhatsApp, i.e., WhatsApp, WhatsApp business.

Step 2 Attach Your Device

Step 3: Initiate The Backup

Now that everything is ready, you are all set to begin the process. Simply click on “Start,” and the software will start backing up your data. All your data will be successfully backed up within a couple of minutes.

Step 3 Initiate The Backup


Managing your iCloud storage is hard, especially when you have your important data stored in it, which you cannot delete. This article has got the solution to your problem. Use any of the two methods to backup your data with ease. Both methods are 100% authentic and workable with any iPhone model.

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