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A Look at Customer Service Job Trends in Canada for 2022

A Look at Customer Service Job Trends in Canada for 2022

Advancements in digital technology have impacted customer service jobs. The cloud storage solutions provide service professionals with ready access to consumer data. CRM software has features that help promote enhanced customer engagement.

Today’s customer support professionals need to be adaptable to handle the new technology. They also need to cope with shifting customer demands. However, recent data suggest a shortage in this sector.

The Canadian Government’s Job Bank predicts an additional 11,300 customer service jobs between 2019 and 2028. Yet, there are only 10,600 skilled job seekers to fulfill these roles.

The cream of the crop among applicants would be spoiled for choice. Recruiters will not only have a more challenging time wrangling in top talent. There’s also the challenge of filling in essential but less lucrative positions.

Recruitment specialists should focus on new, creative approaches to stay ahead of the curve. They also need to know the trends impacting customer service and call centre jobs.

A Mobile-First Approach

The number of Canadians using their mobile device to log into the internet has increased by 5%. Millennials and Gen Zs lead this transition to mobile use.

This shift is not only visible in the way consumers shop. Shoppers are opting to use their mobile devices when connecting with customer service.

Customer service representatives, who are working remotely, also use mobile devices.

Businesses must seek candidates with the right digital skills. Representatives should provide a seamless customer experience on a computer or a smartphone. At the same time, they should provide adequate customer service options to mobile users.

Staff Will Demand More Flexibility

Customer service work was always suited for flexible hours. But businesses were not always interested in supporting this work option.

Now that COVID-19’s effects are subsiding, neither the workers nor employers are ready to give up remote work. Corporations have built remote infrastructures that allow their agents to continue serving customers. Meanwhile, employees love the flexibility of working from home.

With so many more roles available, offering greater flexibility is required to attract and keep high-quality candidates.

Retaining Employees Will Be More Challenging

Your best staff members currently have a more comprehensive range of employment options. There’s an enormous growth in work-from-home opportunities and a hot job market. That means they could always find something better than what you’re giving them.

Organizations will need to make a sincere and deliberate effort to keep staff. One way to do that is to promote a work environment that doesn’t lead to burnout.

The Bottom Line

The surplus in Canadian customer support jobs means that companies have to develop a better strategy for attracting top talent. Start-ups and smaller businesses will benefit from outsourcing their recruitment needs.

Hiring an experienced executive headhunting service will fill the essential hiring gaps in your organization. Select a service provider that uses advanced candidate assessment tools to facilitate great hires. You can then focus on key projects that will grow your business.

Review A Look at Customer Service Job Trends in Canada for 2022.

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