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A Guide to Selling a Home in San Jose, CA

A Guide to Selling a Home in San Jose, CA

Guide to Selling: The housing market in San Jose, CA has been booming, with huge increases in the median sales price for homes in just the past year, but also over the past decade. If you are in the position to be selling a home right now, it’s wise to find a great real estate agent who can help you identify small factors, headwinds and tailwinds, that could help you pick the ideal price, stage your home to great effect, and get the kind of price you’re hoping to achieve. Here are the top moves to sell a home well in San Jose.

Don’t Just Look at All Comps – Focus on Recent Ones

The combination of shifting interest in neighborhoods, rising interest rates, and the changing stock market all are adjusting outlooks for housing prices on a weekly if not daily basis. For this reason, you want a complete picture of what comparable sales look like: certainly older sales that were right near your home, perhaps within the last year, are valuable, but you also want some sales that have happened, for instance, since the last interest rate hike, even if you have to look in similar but not the same neighborhoods. These details help you really get what you need to price your home confidently. 

Work With Your Agent to Maximize the Features of Your Home

As you prepare to sell your home, you’ll begin with the things that make any home shine: pick the best furniture selection from among your possessions for staging, and then declutter and depersonalize so that many kinds of buyers can “see themselves” in it. You’ll also want to do maintenance on the outside of the property, either paint or touch up to make the home look well-maintained, and consider either deep cleaning yourself or hiring a cleaning service.

Beyond that, however, your agent will know from experience what kinds of features are likely to make someone ooh and aah here in San Jose, and they can help you put those front-and-center in the listings.

Great Real Estate Photos Help Elevate a San Jose Home

Speaking of which, use an excellent, professional real estate photographer! Even simple spaces and smaller rooms will look beautiful for your potential buyers when a great photographer captures their true potential. This effort can also contribute to emphasizing the best elements of your home for buyers and help them know why it is worth scheduling a showing. 

Keep an Ear Out For Market Changes Before Deciding Exactly When to List

Finally, small market changes can make a big difference, so while it is worthwhile to make a listing plan with your agent on your timeframe, be open to shifts. If hurrying up and getting on the market anticipates later interest rate hikes, for instance, you may see a boost in the amount of competitive offers since buyers want to go ahead and lock in a home purchase now. If market shakiness is worrying you, on the other hand, delaying a listing is an option and can help you list at a time when more buyers are confidently shopping. 

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