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7 Smartphone Apps that assist Remote Working in 2021

7 Smartphone Apps that assist Remote Working in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown may not be as harsh as it was a year ago, but people are still reluctant to step outside their homes in most cases, which is why remote work is still a popular mode of work for many organizations across the globe.

If you are still working from home, then we have for you some of the most amazing smartphone apps that can assist you throughout your remote-working journeys. All you need is a reliable internet connection such as the one provided by Spectrum internet. So, grab your internet subscription from BuyTVInternetPhone before turning to these apps and turn your productivity up a notch.

Now, let’s get to the matter at hand. Here are 7 exceptional smartphone apps to facilitate your remote work:


Slack is the solution you need for your instant messaging problems while you work remotely. It has everything you might need in order to communicate with your coworkers effectively. Team members can leave messages for others at their convenience and recipients can catch up with them when they are available. Furthermore, only intended parties will receive notifications regarding a certain matter, thus allowing you relief from constant unnecessary and irritating notifications.


Serene is there to ensure that you spend your time productively while you work remotely. It allows you to set daily goals and puts aside all the distractions, so that you may concentrate on your work properly.

Serene blocks access to all distraction, such as YouTube and other addictive apps and frequent calls. This ensures that you do not stray off from your work before getting the job done.

Google Drive

When you are working remotely, you will often need to share all sorts of files with your coworkers. While email is a great way to share files, it comes with its own limitations. In this case, Google Drive is there to take care of you.

You can easily upload files to a cloud-based server and give access to your teammates that need them. Also, the storage capacity of this service is pretty significant, however, if you still need more, you can access the premium version by purchasing it.

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In order to have the perfect workflow, you need to organize your work somewhere. Monday is a project management tool designed specifically for this need. It allows teams to collaborate effectively without any wastage of time.

With Monday, can assign various tasks and duties to your employees without creating any inconvenience. Each team member can visit their own task to track their performance by accessing their work history. Furthermore, team leaders can send out a single message to the entire team with the satisfaction of knowing that everyone will get the message.

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Another project management tool that you can utilize is Wrike. It offers several useful features that allow you to have a successful remote working session. Features such as resource allocation, Gantt chart view, and customization options are only some of the things this platform has to offer.

Also, it has a user-friendly layout, so your employees don’t have a hard time adopting to its functionality no matter what level of technical expertise they possess. You can even integrate it with other renowned platforms such as Jira, Github, Google, and many others.

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From time to time, you will have to conduct conference calls with your employees to know about the developments regarding work. Zoom is the perfect tool to handle this task. It allows its users to conduct audio and video conference calls without any interruptions or fall in quality.

And it is conveniently available on all the popular platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It even allows up to 1000 participants in one video with the possibility of 10,000 viewers. You can get most features with the basic version, but for an enhanced experience, you might want to go for the premium version.

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When you are working remotely, it is very easy to lose track of your time. One moment you will be working on a marketing report and the next moment you are browsing YouTube. Toggl is a time tracking app that monitors the actual time spent on work.

It allows you to monitor things like time spent on actual work and the time required for each task to be completed. It allows you to a tab on the time spent, so you can charge your clients accordingly and also keep your distractions in check.

Summing It Up

When you are working remotely, even the simplest office tasks can seem impossible because of the additional distractions around you. Some of the business even hire one of the top mobile app development companies that create an application that would suit their workspace and improve their general productivity. However, if you have the perfect arsenal to help you, such as the ones mentioned above, your work will be significantly more productive and blissful. We are confident that you will make the smart decision of downloading these smartphone apps at your earliest.

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Review 7 Smartphone Apps that assist Remote Working in 2021.

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