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7 Best Android Apps for Playing Matka Online

7 Best Android Apps for Playing Matka Online

Today multiple online lottery platforms are continuously striving hard to improve and enhance the experience of the users and the efficiency of the game. Strict protocols are being followed to keep people’s personal information private and utilize techniques to provide secure payments. The game depends on luck, and no unfair means could be used in this game to win; therefore, you must always play the game fairly. Different applications enhance your lottery journey and provide you with the best available deals and options. However, it is always advisable to start placing bets on smaller amounts rather than huge stakes.

Let’s look at which android apps are available in the market for playing Satta Matka Online!


Lottoland is a famous and trustworthy website that allows the Satta Matka lovers a great platform to exhibit their betting skills and choose from various games to hit the jackpot. It also provides fantastic tips and tricks for the newbies to follow the game and make the best out of it. You can quickly learn how to play Matka from the Lottoland app and browse numerous opportunities from the app.

Live Satta

The Live Satta app offers a variety of Satta Matka games that can provide you amazing jackpots. All you have to do is download the app, make a minimum deposit of around ₹500 and begin your lottery journey at Live Satta. It also offers multiple cash options and instant payouts 24/7. You will find it highly engaging and interactive, along with some tips and tricks to help you stay in the game.

Expert Matka

Expert Matka offers you incredible chances to try your luck and skills with numbers to make a big win every day.  It offers many games for the Matka lovers such as Star Morning, Sridevi, Madhur Morning, Time Bazar, Star Day, Madhur Day, Milan Day, Supreme Day, Rajdhani Day, Kalyan, Supreme Day, Sridevi Night, and Star Evening. These games have huge payouts and require remarkable gaming strategies to play and place a bet.

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Satta Matka Online

Satta Matka Online is known to be the first online Matka platform worldwide. It is highly reliable and trustworthy when it comes to Satta gaming in India. It is well known for providing the Matka results, free Kalyan Matka tips, guess charts of Online Matka, Kapil Matka and Mumbai Matka. You can use the app to try your luck in the Satta Matka betting game. You never know when you might get a chance to win heaps of money!


KheloLelo is yet another international lottery platform in India that offers Matka lovers a chance to earn real money in real-time. The best part about the lottery apps is that they allow you to play from any part of the world, and they can also process your payment the same day via bank transfers. The minimum deposit you need to pay is ₹500, and if luck is on your side, you might get a chance to win ₹1000 the same day.  KheloLelo offers fantastic rates on the different games available on the platform, along with referral bonuses.

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B Matka

The B Matka Android app gives the players a chance to play online in the world of Satta Matka gaming. The games offered by the company include Raj, Kalyan, Mumbai, Milan, and many more. The applications also make you learn about the strategies required to play Online Satta Matka in India, along with Satta Matka numbers and the actual rates. All you have to do is download the app, sign up to the app, deposit a minimum amount and start rocking in the online lottery world.

Online Matka Play

Online Matka Play is a widely known website for Satta Matka lovers in India. The games offered by Online Matka Play are single, Jodi, Single Patti, Double Patti, Triple Patti, Half Sangam, Full Sangam, and many others. Moreover, it provides a list of open and higher rates for the Matka players with more ease and comfort. The whole process from downloading the app, signing up, making a deposit, and making a bet is quite simple. Hence, people are in love with this app and how it functions.

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