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6 Ways to Save Money on Refurbished iPhones

6 Ways to Save Money on Refurbished iPhones

There are many places people can go to find a used iPhone, but not all of these options will provide the best value for the dollar. Here, various options are available at with a one-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. Apart from this, people can save money on refurbished iPhones by following the below techniques. People should do this if one is interested in buying an iPhone XR or trying out an Android device instead of getting a traditional mobile plan.

What the Benefits Are

A person needs to pay less money than one would have if a person wanted to use a new phone. The lower-cost phone is a great way to see what a great phone would be like if it were two years newer. The most important benefit of all, though, is that people will decide what kind of phone people want in the future. One won’t have to worry about whether or not a person will get another device because it’s old enough, giving a person more options.

What the Downfalls Are:

The biggest problem is that people won’t get a new phone. So, if people want one, they need to be willing to pay more than they would have if they had chosen a refurbished device. Buying a refurbished iPhone 6s might cost more money than buying an actual iPhone 7 if all other things are equal.

Where to Get Refurbished iPhones

Brick and mortar stores

Several Apple stores have refurbished product lines. These are available in the retail store, and they will be able to get the phone they want if it’s still in stock. The problem is that this can cost quite a bit of money, especially if they aren’t eligible for any upgrade deals or other discounts. Apple also has a website where they can buy refurbished products as well.


Amazon is a great place to find refurbished iPhones, but the problem here is that people might have to wait a while. Buying a refurbished iPhone from Amazon will be the best option, especially if a person wants one of the older models. A person will get in touch with sellers if one has any questions about the phone’s condition and the accessories that come with it.


Pinterest means plenty of other people out there who are selling their phones on this particular social media platform. It’s impossible to know what they’re going to be like because people won’t be able to see the phone in person. However, people will see pictures of it, and they should be able to get more information if they ask any questions.


Craigslist is another option, but it’s probably not a good one if this is a person first time buying or selling an iPhone 6. It’s a great option for those who have some experience with the process and want to save some money when going through this.

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Here are six ways to save money on refurbished iPhones

Look for Refurbished Phones Without a Warranty

If a person is worried about buying a phone with a refurbished history, the first thing that a person will want to do is look for phones that don’t come with a warranty. It’s possible to get refurbished iPhones without any warranty at all—so it won’t matter if the device’s internals has been tampered with. people can end up saving more money than if they had used the same phone with a refurbished warranty.

Shop Around for the Best Deals

They are outlined to save money on refurbished iPhones, but that doesn’t mean a person should shop at one place. A person can get a great deal by shopping around, and people will always want to make sure that they get the best possible pricing. That’s why it’s a good idea to shop around and compare different prices. It might be possible to find cheaper refurbished iPhones from one site than on another site entirely.

Try Higher-End Models

The more expensive phones tend to be the better ones, which is why it will be a good idea to try out higher-end models. People will want to get a phone that will be as new as possible or one that has tested by a professional. That will help a person ensure that it’s safe and won’t have any issues. People will save money this way—and they will make sure they have got the best possible phone for their needs.

Buy Refurbished Phones for Closest Mobile Plans

Sometimes the best way to save money is to buy the phone itself. If a person wants a phone that’s new, it’s going to cost a lot of money. It might be possible to get an iPhone XR or newer for less than what people would pay if the phone came with a traditional mobile plan.

The reality is that when people get a refurbished iPhone, it’s not going to come with a mobile plan. A person could buy a phone without one, and then one could put money on an account to have a phone when a person needs one.

Consider Buying Predecessor

This is another option to save money on refurbished iPhones. That means that instead of getting the most current version of a device, people might want to try getting the predecessor instead. It might be possible to get a great deal on the iPhone 6 or even the iPhone XR. When they get a good deal on one of these phones, they can save money and still have a great device.

Buy Used Devices for Beginners

If people are beginners in the technology world, the best device to get will probably be an iPhone 7 or newer. That’s because it has all of the abilities that a person needs to learn about—and it’s probably going to be more affordable than trying to buy all of those elements separately with different phones. As people become more advanced and more experienced with tech, they will be able to upgrade.

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These are six different ways to save money on refurbished iPhones. The most important part of this whole process is that they will have a phone that works well for people—but it’s clear that people don’t have to pay top dollar for a phone if it’s not needed. If people want their money back, they can always sell it on eBay or other sites, but if they want a new phone, they are never going to have to worry about the extra cost.

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