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6 SEO Tips for SaaS Website

6 SEO Tips for SaaS Website

9/10 people would trust a SaaS Startup if they discover it via a search engine for information queries.

If it still isn’t clear, then allow me to make it crystal clear I am talking about Organic Results.

Most of the SaaS products require exorbitant subscription money per month to invest. If you want someone to invest that kind of money then you need to prove the value.

How do you prove the value? By educating them; and it’s better if they find you naturally trying to solve their problem. Rather than you running a text ad titled “How to write search optimized content” bidding on the “SEO” keyword.

By leveraging search engine optimization you can deliver content to customers in each stage of the funnel.

Whether it is top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, or bottom of the funnel audience.

Cora SEO Software for instance is priced very high, it costs $250 per month.

If your SaaS costs so much then you have to prove worth with content.

1. Heed to the foundation

There are various forms of SEO Projects, there is Local SEO, E-Commerce SEO, International SEO & then there is SaaS SEO.

Particularly for SaaS SEO, it is very much important. In SaaS SEO Projects and project management charter example you will need to add a lot of content, lead magnet pages; the product pages come with their own set of technical glitches.

For things to go smoothly and for you to obtain the most out of them. It is important that the technical foundation is in place.

Look out for factors like HTTPS Compatibility, Page Experience Signals, Website Speed, CDN responsiveness, Content Accessibility for search engine bot, crawl budget optimization and so much more.

2. Next is Keyword Research

Foundation is something to get in check when you are setting up the website although this is a regular activity to keep doing.

But after that initial set up a very important activity that you have got to undertake is keyword research.

This is a make or break step the quality of keyword research you will do determines the kind of audience you will manage to pull for your website from search.

You will have to factor in elements like search & user intent, competition of the keyword, estimated search volume that the keyword carries.

Longtail opportunity that you can tap into. Keyword mapped for user intent like informational intent, navigational intent, commercial intent, and purchase intent.

3. Website authority

You need to have a plan in place to increase the website authority with whichever metric you tend to rely on.

Whether it is Moz Domain Authority, Ahrefs Domain Rating, or Majestic Trust Score and Citation Flow.

Focusing on such a KPI you can chart a plan and set the target of how much you are gonna increase the authority in a quarter.

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4. Blog Content Strategy

A SaaS without Content is like Mars without Elon Musk. There are no words to describe how important blog content is for Saas.

The Blog content strategy that you will craft has to address two things

  • Organic Traffic Attraction for relevant keywords
  • Targeting audience belonging to all stages of the buyer decision journey

You have to funnel blog content strategy in 3 stages, 1st stage is for the top of the funnel, followed by the middle of the funnel, and lastly bottom of the funnel.

Your SEO skills will determine if you manage to get content in all these funnels to reach to your target audience or not.

You can also Submit Post with Query “Content write for us”

5. Find ways to build epic backlinks

Not all backlinks were created equal. It is very easier to build crappy backlinks like Social Bookmarks and the likes but it is difficult to score a backlink opportunity on a popular Martech blog but that’s where your audience is going to read the content.

You need to have a strategy in place to build backlinks on sites where it would matter the most. Backlinks are how Google finds sites and understands the relationship between the pages. This helps them in passing the PageRank and link juice which helps you rank your content higher on Google.

There are some popular ways to build backlinks, with ways like

  • Guest Blogging
  • Appearing on listicles by Capterra & G2
  • Earning Natural Backlinks via Viral Content
  • HARO
  • PR Backlinks
  • Essential Citations

A Saas Business can even create a free utilitarian tool and promote that tool like hell if that tool genuinely helps people that means it will gain incredible visibility which in turn helps with attracting natural backlinks from industry-specific blogs.

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6. Keep the content fresh

This one is huge for SaaS

Content Refresh is an ongoing activity for the SaaS websites that has to happen on an ongoing basis, if you have written on a blog post on a certain industry trend and if there has been a change then you have to quickly update it.

Always keep your content updated, this helps with maintaining the top-ranking positions.

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