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6 Fun Ideas to Motivate Employees & Boost Your Workplace

6 Fun Ideas to Motivate Employees & Boost Your Workplace

Employees motivation plays a very important role in productivity and a healthy workplace environment. Continuous motivation helps your employees to put more effort into their tasks that is one clear benefit for a company. It is very important to have some ways for motivating your staff. Money is not the solution here. It can be the short-term solution, which does not confront the wide motivational issues. But, you require fun ideas for motivating employees by giving them modern glass awards or trophies to appreciate their effort and hard work.

1. Recognize the Job Done

How can recognition motivate my staff? Managers & leaders would be on the fence about including various recognition programs in their companies, however, it is one amazing idea. Constant recognition creates the emotional connection between your employer & employee – the critical piece of the employee engagement as well as fulfills the basic needs of your employees’ esteem & belonging within the group.

2. Peer to Peer review 

There are chances that the boss does not know exactly what everybody on a team does on daily basis. To ensure your team gets proper feedback that they deserve, consider peer to peer review or feedback system. It is very important to encourage your team to help one another and give feedback, no matter whether constructive or positive. They appreciate the feedback from peers who know their work and helps them to develop closer relationships & collaborate much better in the future.

3. Set measurable targets or goals

We have had some projects that drag on and feel like there is no end. It will be demoralizing to get stuck in the rut that is why knowing how you have made the visible progress feels very good. It is also the indicator that work has made a huge difference. Setting clear and achievable goals offers real motivation every time one gets conquered & keeps their team on a right track. You may magnify such effects just by taking the next step & celebrating such achievements.

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4. Allow Innocent Pranks

Harmless and innocent office pranks will allow your staff to have fun and let loose with each other. That does not mean that the new prank must happen every month, but making this the environment where the occasional prank is allowed will be enough. Pranks allow for innovation and creativity. So, have fun and let your team enjoy it!

5. Have a dedicated games area

Suppose you want your employee to stay dedicated and motivated and refreshed, make sure you regularly encourage them to take breaks. You want your employees to take the breaks away from the desks, hence try to offer the relaxing and fun ‘breakout area’ and where people will go for ten minutes just to clear the minds and come fresh with new ideas. You can consider getting a pool table and small space with the sofa or bean bags and picnic bench just to relax for some time. Everybody must allow to the game of pool, and to take the laptop to their beanbags, whenever they want a break and change of scenery.

You won’t believe just a simple game in a few hours is sufficient to put a big smile on your employee’s faces. Not just does it make them happy but they end up chatting more about the projects over this game area, and giving you the fresh new perspective of taking back to the desks.

6. Consider sending gifts or others to show you care

You can engage your team with some tangible tokens of appreciation by using the employee care platform. You can consider giving them some cool gifts that will help employees, which includes those in a growing remote workforce and feel highly connected to the teams and missions. Make sure you get your team inspired & connected with such gifts, nourish their spirits with the Snacks and other gift items, or talk to the gift expert for getting some more recommendations, which cater to your employee’s unique needs and interests.

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Finding some fun ways of motivating your employees encourages a positive workplace culture. This shows you are not after work and you really care about them. A bit of loosening of the professionalism will go a very long way in motivating your own people. Nonetheless, these methods motivate your team to produce better output.

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