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5 Things to Remember for Email Marketing Campaigns in 2022

5 Things to Remember for Email Marketing Campaigns in 2022

Email Marketing Campaigns: Email marketing has seen a renewed surge in cold outreach and customer retention strategies. It’s cost-effective, it’s scalable and it’s repetitive. However, it’s also quite easy to miss the mark with emails and land in the spam folder. If you’re trying to scale up your email marketing campaign, here are five things you must remember:

Personalize email copy

Businesses receive a huge number of emails every day and it’s impossible to get their attention without standing out. The best way to make sure recipients reply to your emails is to personalize the email copy.

Before sending out the emails, do proper research to understand the pain points and how your product or service can solve them. Address them by their name, lead with a relevant experience right at the top, and format the body with short paragraphs. It’s important to keep the perspective on them rather than showing what you do.

Focus on the subject line and preheader text

The success of email marketing campaigns greatly relies on subject lines. Using deceptive or exaggerated words can push your emails to the spam folder. Great email marketers use subject lines to invoke curiosity and they do it by keeping the line short, focusing on the core message, and being creative. You should also use the preheader text box to expand the message of the subject line and push the open rate.

Secure the network

Email marketers need to secure their emails from phishing attacks and spam triggers. For starters, you need to comply with authentication standards like sender policy framework, DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), and DMARC. However, a lot of marketers find themselves asking this question: how does DKIM work? In simple terms, DKIM is a standard to cryptographically verify the domain keys to make sure the emails haven’t been manipulated in transit.

Email Marketing Campaigns:: On top of this, you need to use high-quality email security tools to block out malware and phishing attacks, encrypt emails and create awareness to protect customers.

Use follow-up emails

B2B cold email outreach doesn’t end with sending emails to leads. Sometimes they need to warm up to your offers and that’s why a follow-up strategy is important.

You need to send two to three follow-up emails spread across 14-28 days to prime the recipients. Add valuable content or resources that build upon the first email. When you show eagerness to communicate and stay in touch, businesses are more likely to take the plunge, but it’s important to not be intrusive in your follow-up email sequence.

A/B test campaigns

Successful campaigns aren’t rolled out from the beginning. There’s a lot of trial and error that goes into refining a campaign. You need to split test elements such as subject lines, hook, email copy, CTAs, and resources to find the ones that yield a better response rate. By A/B testing different elements and tweaking email security settings, you can rule out late surprises and run a targeted campaign.

Email marketing in 2022 will need to focus on getting the basics right. If you can keep these five things in mind, you’ll see a great ROI from your outreach campaign.

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