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5 Reasons Employers Should Consider Collaborative Hiring

5 Reasons Employers Should Consider Collaborative Hiring

Collaborative Hiring: A generation ago, the idea of bringing an entire team into the hiring process would have been unthinkable in most industries. Today, it’s gaining traction as a methodology because of its potential to help reinforce a positive and open corporate culture that is conducive to long-term retention and worker efficiency. While it has been common for decades in academia where professors’ unions have often made it a requirement for university administration, collaborative hiring has taken on a new life in the private sector.

What is Collaborative Hiring?

Collaborative hiring is the process of including experienced team members in the hiring interview when you are looking to fill places on their teams. While it has always been common to include an experienced employee who knows the role, usually hiring managers lean toward management or employees outside of the prospective hire’s team.

Collaborative hiring flips the script on that, making the case that team members who will have to work with the new hire should have a voice in the choice of their future colleagues. This can be done in a virtual office with video conferencing software, and it is easy to simulate a shared physical space with immersive view Zoom backgrounds that provide a professional backdrop to every contributor’s presentation. Why does it work?

  1. Teams can steer hiring towards people who are a good fit for their group culture as well as the overall corporate culture
  2. It provides employees with a voice increases investment in the business
  3. You increase retention by making it easier for teams to remain collegial
  4. Your business leverages employee knowledge and skill sets in a new way by allowing team members into the hiring process
  5. It becomes a lot easier to use skill-based assessments and problem-solving scenarios when you have expert team members listening to candidate responses

All of this makes it pretty obvious that it’s a good idea to adopt this practice.

Improve Company Culture & Productivity

Hiring collaboratively with individual teams helps improve team cohesion, which leads to increased cooperation and better productivity. It also helps the wider company culture by giving team members a voice they can actually use to affect the future of the business, and that builds investment in the entire organization’s success. If you are looking for other ways to improve culture and productivity that complement this move, try out these suggestions:

  • Learn how to use virtual background in Teams to establish a consistent cultural environment on hybrid work teams who collaborate online
  • Bring teams together with training materials that reflect both your culture and today’s best practices for collaboration online so they learn to be better as teammates while also becoming more skilled as employees
  • Always remember that employees who feel valued and respected are employees who work their hardest and stay in jobs the longest, and let that guide your decisions as you set company-wide policy

Making it easy to set a custom virtual background Teams allows individual groups to collaborate on those backgrounds, which is also a solid way to build cohesion within small groups. It’s the small moves like these that bring the whole company together, though, so they should not be seen as unimportant just because they are small.

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