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4 Tech Solutions For Business Every SME Should Consider

4 Tech Solutions For Business Every SME Should Consider

When it comes to tech solutions for business, there are a lot of different factors to consider. Every small to medium enterprise owner will know that tech options are abundant out there, both for hardware and software, that promise to be the solution you need to improve productivity.

But what solutions are worth looking at? And what can improve your productivity and help you scale your SME to the next level?

In this article, we’ve selected four solutions that we think you should consider for your enterprise. Let’s take a closer look!

Buy Refurbished Tech When Possible

This first tip is more of a way to save money in replacing technology or buying new upgrades for your workstations or servers. The cost of new chips can be quite high nowadays, having just come out the other side of a chip shortage and with shipping costs going up.

These additional costs and factors are making buying new tech  straight from the manufacturer or suppliers more expensive than it needs to be. A good alternative is to buy refurbished technology.

Unless you rely on state-of-the-art tech releases to further your company’s operational capacity (which few are), there’s no real point in buying new tech immediately when it comes out.

Buying refurbished tech from reputable companies such as ETB Technologies is a great way to get the upgrades you need but save capital.

The best bit with refurbished tech is that they’ll usually come with a warranty from the refurbishing company – to put your mind at ease when buying.

Switch To Cloud Storage Solutions

Another great tech solution for SMEs is switching to cloud storage solutions, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Doing so has many benefits to consider for any operation of any scale.

For example, instead of allowing your employee workstations to become cluttered with many files, you can request your employees to upload their work to a centralised cloud-based storage option. This will free up a hard drive or solid-state drive space on their workstations, ultimately speeding up their machines.

Having a centralised location for your files will also allow for the tracking and company-wide access of documents without having to hunt on local storage solutions.

Lastly, switching to cloud-based storage will save money on electricity. If you a running an internal server from your office space, this server will need to be on 24/7 to serve the files to your employees. Moving to cloud-based storage will negate the need for an internal company server.

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A win-win!

Invest In Laptops Over Desktops

It can be very tempting to invest in desktop setups for your employees. After all, desktops provide more scope for operational capacity and productivity purely because they can harbour more powerful technology. More space in the computer’s chassis will allow more options to upgrade a computer.

Unless you need a top-of-the-range graphics card for video processing, SMEs rarely need desktops anymore.

If you are running an SME where the power of the machines doesn’t matter all that much – say – a digital marketing firm or social media advertising agency, switching to laptops is the smart choice.

Hybrid working-from-home models are becoming more common, allowing your employees to have a mobile workstation. Having greater flexibility for working options will increase productivity overall.

Bad weather or unreliable public transport won’t get in the way of a productive team.

Build A Robust Internal Network

The backbone of any successful digital business or enterprise is a robust, reliable, and dependable internal network. Every large-scale SME will need an efficient network, as its operational capacity will bottleneck without one.

There’s no point investing in the best tech  solutions for your employee workstations if you have a sub-par network connecting them. Investing in high-quality networking will streamline your day-to-day operations and make everything faster.

Building a robust network can mean investing in a router that’ll serve a powerful enough WiFi signal for your office space or even investing in transceivers that’ll transfer data at breakneck speeds.

While it may be inconvenient to set up, wiring your whole internal network has many benefits. Not only are wired connections the fastest kind of connection you can have, but they are also more secure.

That and WiFi signals can be prone to interference from other WiFi signals. If you are in an office block, switching to cabled connections may be worth avoiding this potential issue.

To Conclude

We’ve just skimmed the surface with potential business technology solutions that SMEs could consider. There are many more out there, and what’ll work for your enterprise will vastly vary from the next.

Use your firm understanding of where your enterprise is currently and where you’d like to go, then choose to invest in the technology or concepts you think can help you get there.

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