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3 Benefits an Automated Call Reminder System Offers Businesses

3 Benefits an Automated Call Reminder System Offers Businesses

If your business has a high number of no-shows or you’re spending staff time and money on someone picking up the phone and attempting to reach clients, an automated call reminder system can help you ensure your clients arrive on time and you’re able to offer your services. The system offers the option to connect to your caller ID, and it phones clients directly from your office number.

There are many great benefits to sending your clients a reminder call, and here are just a few:

You can combine automated calls with text and e-mail messages on the same program to reach all your clientele.

Reminder calls are an excellent option with an automated system offering text and e-mail reminders. You can set automatic calls to trigger when clients do not confirm their appointment through text messages. You choose when to send reminders, and you can select multiple reminder dates, methods, and messaging. For example, you could send a text message a week before the appointment and automate a call the day before.

Automated calls also reach specific demographics better than text messages. Particularly older clients may prefer calls or offer home phone numbers without texting capabilities. You can decide which combination of text, e-mail, and reminder call would work best for your business. You can also choose e-mail or calls when appointments require many instructions and you want to be more thorough than a short text.

You can customize the message in your calls.

Appointment reminder systems allow you to customize the message in your calls. You can build your automated messages from pre-recorded voice files that offer simple phrases like “I’m calling to confirm an appointment” and date and time words to fill in the appointment date.

For more complicated messages that might include instructions, you can use text-to-speech or request professional voice files from AI or voice talent. These will produce more voice files from which you can mix and match for tailored messages depending on your client group.

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Your clients can confirm through multiple vital options.

You can have your patients press three reply digits on each automated call. You might choose to set those to “confirm,” “cancel,” or “reschedule.” If a client confirms, and you still want to send an additional message the day before the appointment, you can set the message not to ask for further confirmation. Your clients can also opt-out of reminders using “9” if you’d like to offer them the option to unsubscribe.

Automate Reminder Calls and Make Life Easier for Everyone

Your clients don’t like accidentally missing appointments, and you and your staff don’t like the wasted appointment slot, money, and time that goes into running a business without clients arriving on time. Reminder calls are an affordable way to offer excellent customer service to your clientele while keeping your business operating more smoothly and efficiently.

Set up is easy, and the automated system company can walk you through how to produce your customized messages in no time.

Review 3 Benefits an Automated Call Reminder System Offers Businesses.

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