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3 Add-On Software Features To Consider For Your Chiro System

3 Add-On Software Features To Consider For Your Chiro System

Chiropractic software is used by chiropractors and their staff to assist them in handling various medical aspects and other complex chiropractic procedures. Chiro8000 is the first software that offers genuine connections for scheduling, practice management, communication, patient training, marketing, and payment collection. Here are 3 add-on features you can use for your Chirp system.

1. Level C8K1 (Simple-to-use Billing software)

The simple-to-use billing software helps chiropractors to handle different insurance processes and operate their cash systems. The billing software is worth investing in if you’re struggling with disorganization issues in your medical facility. The app posts payments and monthly bills electronically and tracks claims within the app.

Other tasks include controlling the insurance processes, handling debtors’ accounts, and printing patient statements. The app is ideal for facilities that require a detailed billing program. Some of the crucial features include;

  • A complete Billing system does away with uploading documents manually and contacting insurance firms through a proprietary process and line item posting.
  • CMS/HCFA Map: This map is located in the patient file to help them quickly fill out the primary insurance forms.
  • Improved security features: These features help to generate personalized groups and run reports to view your employees’ tasks and safety permission levels.

2. Level C8K2 (Practice Management software)

Software for chiro is cost-effective, with high returns, and a reliable office app with multiple features that aren’t available to most firms. Level C8K2 pays attention to practice management from a result-oriented and practical-based technique. All elements of Level C8K1 are included here, with extra aspects that involve business development. Other features include;

  • Search Report Generator: This tool helps chiropractors handle patient information by generating customized lists.
  • Appointments feature: These features help in the creation, editing, and controlling of appointments in your facility. Install this software to program an array of appointments easily.
  • Reminders tools: These tools send an automated message and mail notification to patients as a reminder of their subsequent appointments.
  • Signature Pad: This tool helps to digitize your signature and be incorporated into the sign-in sheet.

3. C8K3 (Total solution certified software)

Software for chiro has helped most chiropractors and their staff to meet their objectives with the application of computer apps incorporated with their notes and billing.

Level C8K3 is another app that is inclusive of features of the previous levels and other additions, such as certified online EMR. The level includes customized generation forms, patient admission forms, and automated billing remainders. Other unique features include;

  • Online Patient Intake: Software for chiro level C8K3 has an internet-generated patient intake program that directs new patients to their admission forms. Upon completing the forms, it’s then uploaded into your databases.
  • Artificial Intelligence: This tool sends automated notifications via text or email during the days, plus the unbilled occurrences.
  • Pre-loaded with Content: These tools are pre-loaded with an array of codes, medications, histories, phrases, words, and so on.
  • Customized generator and take forms: These forms are mainly applied in your practice and pre-populate patient information. They also allow you to allocate some tasks to other staff.


Transition is hard to embrace, especially with the invention of software for chiro and other systems to work with. Luckily, the Chiro8000 change has come to get rid of many challenges staff and chiropractors face during their operations.

Review 3 Add-On Software Features To Consider For Your Chiro System.

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